The Weekly Ramble — Demo Entry

Introduction: The Weekly Ramble is a segment where I choose a few news stories from the week and discuss them. Adding in my ramblings and opinions on the subjects. Thank you for reading and enjoy the highlights in the gaming world from the last week.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 — Tech demo shown

The guy on the right has been waiting a long time for this game

Originally I voiced disappointment that this game was literally on day zero of development after being teaser for several years. I also believed that there was very little chance this game would ever release. Literally after I posted an article bashing Beyond Good and Evil 2 the director Michael Ancel revealed an in engine tech demo proving this game is maybe a little more developed than we thought. Sure we still have no release date, platform or detail into how the game will play. However, its good to see the developers are further along than just scribbling ideas down on paper. We watched the Monkey fella from the trailer fly around in a jet pack and then watch the developer zoom out a lot on the city, then the planet, then the universe He also flew around in a spaceship for a bit. Still seems quite the ambitious project. A very large open world, possibly multiple worlds with a lot of detail and no loading times. This game has the potential to be something very special. I want to get excited but years of teasers, promises and inevitable disappointments have led me not to get my hopes too high. Lets jut say I’ll believe it when I see a final release.

Sega Forever!

The trailer was a neat 90s throwback

My was this a surprise. Sega Forever the new IOS and Android streaming service which unlocks the Sega retro back catalogue (eventually). Of course ads are thrown in but if you like what you play you can pay the low price of £1.99 to make the specific game ad free and include local save. You can play free but you have to be connected to the internet and get bombarded with a few stupid adverts. Only a few games are currently available including Sonic the Hedgehog (of course), Phantasy Star 2 (neat) and Kid Chameleon (I dug it). More games are promised on a monthly basis and the trailer seemed to imply we would see Game Gear, Master System and even Dreamcast games heading to the service. I’m not the biggest IOS player myself I don’t like touch controls and if I did use this I would have to invest in a controller which is compatible with the service. Most of these games I imagine will be available elsewhere on Steam or the Ultimate Mega Drive Collection on Xbox 360 and PS3. It would be pretty cool to see some hidden gems come onto this service such as Soliel (aka Crusader of Senty), Woody Pop (its on Game Gear), Skies of Arcadia and Will Harvey presents The Immortal, I know its a EA game but I still want to see it come back. Time will tell. If this does become popular it will also be interesting to see if other companies copy the trend. Nintendo will probably be interested 10 years from now since they tend to be late to the party with these sort of ideas. Apparently if specific titles receive a lot of interest it may mean we could see potential sequels of those titles. So everyone go buy Kid Chameleon because by gum do we need more of that in our lives, at least my life. I’ll go sit in the corner now.

Netflix is doing a Tell Tale?

mmm what to decide

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Tell Tale games which are mostly story driven experiences where you make your decisions and deal with the sometimes horrible consequences. The occasional quick time event is also thrown in for good measure. I said a while ago this may be something a Netflix service should get in on. After all most of us who play these games are playing to enjoy the story and choices and not the simple gameplay. Well looks like Netflix may be getting into this idea with new interactive story telling. Only two kids titles were revealed to start Puss in Boots and Buddy Thunderstruck (which is kinda brilliant even if your an adult, go watch the current series on Netflix now). From the trailer it appears your only presented with two options at a time but like Tell Tale these choices may lead to different paths through the story and alternative endings. It will be interesting to see if this takes off. If popular we may start to see more adult TV series as well as presenting more than two choices. Kinda feel like I called this one.

Dynasty Warriors 9 trailer

Many will perish by one warrior

After being teased with screen shots we finally got a look at the new Dynasty Warriors game a week after E3. The trailer showed off a large open landscape with the familiar Dynasty Warriors characters and gameplay. This looks to probably be the biggest change in the series since the third game. That game had co op, added upgradeable weapons and had elephants you could ride. It was so awesome. While I don’t think this new open world design will be enough to bring newbies over to the series it might be sufficient to bring back old fans who have become fatigued with the series. I have to say I am amazed how successful the Dynasty Warriors series is with all its main titled games as well as the silly amount of spin off games. I remember being a huge fan of the third game in the series and remember the game getting totally ridiculed in magazine reviews. Well I guess sales show a different story as this has more titles than Call of Duty easily and it’s still going. I’m intrigued by this new entry in the series so long as the open world design isn’t just you running around desolate battlefields looking for army’s to slay.

And finally……………

The Steam Summer sale has begun, remember to spend your money wisely.

Thank you for reading today’s entry providing there is plenty of news I’ll try update with one of these articles on a weekly basis. Otherwise there are more topic articles on the way, stay tuned.

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