Al-Monitor Receives Award for Best Explanatory Reporting

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The president and chairman of Crest Investment Company, Jamal Daniel has more than three decades of experience investing in the areas of real estate and technology, as well as the oil and gas sector. Additionally, Jamal Daniel founded Al-Monitor, an American-based news website committed to offering unbiased and accurate coverage of current events in the Middle East.

In recognition of its series, “Middle East Lobbying: The Influence Game,” a revealing look at lobbying and foreign policy, Al-Monitor received the 2017 Online Journalism Award for Best Explanatory Reporting from the Online News Association.

The Explanatory Reporting award acknowledges outstanding digital reporting on a current event or news topic over a sustained period. Journalists who wish to apply for the award must demonstrate their ability to keep audiences engaged and informed over a length of time, utilizing compelling storytelling techniques to communicate the impact of the story.

The Online Journalism Award for Best Explanatory Reporting is given in three divisions: small newsroom, medium newsroom, and large newsroom.

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Jamal Daniel is a Houston-based investment manager who presently serves as President and Chairman of the Crest Investment Company.

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