The Foundational Values of Al-Monitor

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A senior administrator with diverse areas of interest, Jamal Daniel serves as the chairman of Crest Investment Company and The Levant Foundation. Jamal Daniel is also the founder of Al-Monitor, a source of news and analysis of issues on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Al-Monitor publishes the work of highly trusted independent journalists and writers from around the world. In addition to covering stories centered in MENA, Al-Monitor investigates the ways policies in Russia and the United States affect the region.

Mr. Daniel founded Al-Monitor in 2012 to further mutual understanding between MENA and the international community. Al-Monitor drives this mission by publishing pieces that offer nuanced investigations of complex subjects and place these subjects in a broader sociopolitical and cultural context.

Al-Monitor expands its outreach further by supporting an easily accessible multilingual online platform. Its business model achieved rapid success, and by 2014, Al-Monitor had received a Free Media Pioneer Award from the International Press Institute.

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Jamal Daniel is a Houston-based investment manager who presently serves as President and Chairman of the Crest Investment Company.

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