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Based in Houston, Texas, Jamal Daniel has more than three decades of investing experience as a leader in the oil and gas industry. Beyond his work as president and chairman of Crest Investment Company, Jamal Daniel serves the private, not-for-profit Levant Foundation as chairman.

The Levant Foundation works towards expanding knowledge of Middle Eastern history and culture, as well as the varied, intricate connections between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. To this end, the foundation manages a host of programs and special events, including Ibrahim Maalouf’s premiere performance of Levantine Symphony №1.

Maalouf, a world-renowned quarter-tone trumpeter and composer, is best known for his unique blends of native Levantine melodies and improvisational jazz movements, which can be attributed to his Lebanese background and home in France. He has performed at a number of notable venues throughout the United States, including the Lincoln Center. …


Jamal Daniel

Jamal Daniel is a Houston-based investment manager who presently serves as President and Chairman of the Crest Investment Company.

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