“We maintain our creation in justice” — Quran

It is said that the arc of history is long but it always bends towards justice; but I’ll add that — the course of all things ends in equity. The Almighty Himself maintains the balance.

There are no accidents in life; every moment and experience we went through is indispensable to the metamorphosis of our national psyche and to the unfolding of this magnificent day!

Events have higher origin than we can perceive. There is a divine wisdom behind everything, though we often lack the wisdom to discern the process. We are like surprised spectators to the masterful design of the Most Merciful.

Lets us rejoice this moment, but also remain vigilant and cautiously optimistic. There is no need for excesses or going to the extremes in our political discourse — excess in any pursuit will produce a defect and every extreme is a vice. Join the political dialog for benefaction and remain silent when you have nothing to benefit with…. both positions are equally vital to our volatile political evolution.

We should not be mesmerized by the magnitude of this transformational event in the country’s history. Lets us keep the balance and not be swayed around by our emotions and the sensationalism of the world around us. We should reflect and learn from the past but we cannot misuse the power of the present moment due to our perpetual retrospection of the past. The end of nature is equity — so justice will be served. The power to act and accomplish anything for our posterity only resides in the present moment. Therefore, it is only logical that we channel the immense energy this moment generated into our present moment activities for building a better future for our progenies and ourselves. Let us begin to truly think and act in present moment — the only point of power is now!

Power in mechanical sense denotes defiant fixity and immovability; but the essential power of the people is not shown by hate, resentment, vengeance and passionate resistance to those we disagree with. The power of the people is best manifested through patience, persistence in right thinking, and compassion towards all friends and foes — but with a keen sense of justice.

In times like this, our speech must be true but gentle; our actions must firm and tactful; we need more than rest now, we need peace; we need more than work, we have a duty; we need more than a political victory; we have a nation to build!

True victory of the people doesn’t end with a political triumph — that’s only the beginning. Nothing can bring us a true victory but the triumph of moral principles! And our highest act and virtue remains to be our submission to God!