How to achieve Peace by understanding Your Body, mind, Soul, and Consciousness?

In your life, you would have come across moments where you want to have peace, but how much you try to achieve it, you fail. If you have come across these situations in life, I hope this article will give you the understanding of what is to be in peace in body, mind, and soul and how to experience peace in your consciousness even if you are in the middle of huge sufferings.

To understand What is the experience of Peace in life, we need to understand where it is experienced. Understanding what is Peace and where it happens in ourself will give you instant access to it, whenever we require it. So, let us examine in our self where it is experienced.

If we carefully observe ourselves, we can see, we are made of three different entities where we experience our consciousness or self-awareness. We have a physical body where we experience the physical senses, we have a mind where we experience non-physical information and intelligence from senses and we have a Soul. We can call these the “Entities of our Consciousness”

By Birth we have been experiencing our physical senses when we grew a bit, we understood how to use the information from the physical senses as intelligence in our non-physical mind. When we understood this, we started using our Mind for Reasoning. We became the experts in using it. We are still confident about this two entities but The elephant in the room is the one entity we have left out from understanding it properly. The Soul.

The connection with our Soul

We have become the masters of our Physical body and mind. We have understood the physical body well and We are very confident about our mind on how to use it as well. Majority of the people know the working mechanism of the physical body and people at least know how to use their mind. But if we try to comprehend ourselves about what is My soul, how is it working for me, how am I to use it?

majority of the people don’t have clear Awareness to understand what is their soul in their life as they have with physical body or Mind. We don’t have much personal and subjective experience of our own soul, to confidently understand it from our experiences. When we want to use our physical body, we have all understandings of how to use it. We have confident understandings on how to use our mind till it gets out of control by our life situations. But what understandings do we have about our own soul?

our lack of understandings about our own soul is the primary reason why we suffer most in our life. This is the reason why we lose our confidence in our mind when we are challenged in life. Therefore, when we are stressed out we lose our ability to use our intelligence and reasoning. Therefore, when we are agitated we tend to make wrong decisions always. So what is the relation of our Soul with our ability of Reasoning and Decision making? Yes, to understand the relation of your soul and mind you need to know what is your soul, how it is made, how it is experienced etc.

What are our Mind and Soul

To clearly comprehend Soul, I wish to guide you through an example you already know and experience. let us look into our mind. We know our mind is the result of the processing of the information, that we receive through our physical body senses. When our eyes bring us the information of sight, we process the information in our brain to evaluate intelligence from it. for example, when we see a car coming towards us, the eye captures the information of the car in raw data. When we use this information in our brain with the reasoning we get the speed of the car, the distance, the chance of hitting you etc. in the above example only when the information reached your brain and when we processed it to make it an intelligence, we experienced our mind. Only when we reason with the information to make intelligence we experience our mind.

Now let’s try to comprehend what is our soul through how it is formed and experienced in us. The Soul is also an entity of Consciousness like our body and mind. When the mind is formed from the processing of information into intelligence by our reasoning, the soul is evolved out of our processing of understanding to experiences through awareness in life. The soul is the result of the processing of our own understandings into practical experiences.

To comprehend your soul, let’s take our own internal process of understanding in life. When you say you have understood something in life, it means that you have the practical experience of the understandings in your physical body. you can convert the information into intelligence regarding it very easily by your reasoning and when you have the complete awareness regarding it on your physical body and mind, we say we have understood it. technically what it means is, the physical experience in the body senses and the experience of the intelligence in mind have made the person capable to retain an understanding about it in him, so that, the next time he does not need to process the whole intelligence again or nor he needs to experience in his senses. This is the Process of Understanding in human beings.

That is why we don’t need to reason again to walk, talk, write, Drive, Swim etc. because we have understood about it. but imagine when we were learning to swim, we used to carefully collect information regarding each every aspect of our body, when we used the intelligence regarding how we need to keep our hands, our body shape, breath etc, we understood the skill of swimming , and when we understood it, we no longer need to be aware of our senses for information or we no longer need to be aware of intelligence regarding swimming , but we swim through our understanding.

Now let me show you the connection between your process of understandings and your soul. the reason why you don’t need to be aware of your senses for information or intelligence in your mind after understandings something is that you are retaining the understandings from your life experiences and the database where it is stored in your soul. Yes, your soul is nothing but the Database of your retained understandings from life.

When you use those retained understandings from your soul for your life experiences it is your awareness. Only when you understand you can be aware, so if you don’t have understandings about it, you can’t be aware of it.if you don’t know how to swim you cannot be aware of it or if you don’t know how to drive you can’t be aware of driving. As with your intelligence you created understandings, with your understandings you create your Awareness.

What is Consciousness

Now we know that to become aware of anything in the universe, we need to Understand it, to understand it, we need to experience the Contents of our Consciousness like information, intelligence, and understandings in the Entities of our Consciousness like body, mind, and soul. when we are understanding something, it is the manifestation of already known and experienced intelligence available in the universe to us as the Content of our Consciousness. Every understanding we make and become aware of are in fact the understanding already existing in the universe. The universe does have a framework of Experiences or a blueprint on which every experience to process information into intelligence and to understanding are already set and defined. This framework of all practical experience of understandings possible is our consciousness.

Consciousness is the medium and framework for everything in this universe. everything will exist entirely within this framework of Experience. The Content of Consciousness in the universe is designed only according to it. The information, intelligence, and understandings in the universe can only be experienced according to the law and principles of Consciousness.

What is Peace

The Peace is one of the most blissful experience every person long to have deep inside them. but the peace as a quality, it is not an attribute which we human beings possess in our entitles of Consciousness. if we carefully observe our every entity of Consciousness, we won’t be able to find an entity which is capable enough to create Peace within us. The Peace as a state is not an outcome of the Awareness either. It is the attribute of the framework of experience we are in, The Consciousness. we experience Peace, when we follow the mechanism and process of our consciousness, when we fail to follow our state of obedience to the Consciousness, we lose the peace in us. Let us see how.

You achieve peace when you allow the process of understanding to be in its natural flow without any restrictions for its experiences in your body, Mind, and Soul. The state of Peace is disturbed, when you bring restrictions or weaknesses of yours into the process of understanding either in your senses or in reasoning.

When you start believing in false information and intelligence, you will mistake your mind’s false reality as your Awareness, you become what it perceives for you and you become the false self your mind creates for you. The moment you start believing it because of lack of true awareness from real understandings in your soul, you have lost your Peace, no longer you can Experience the Attribute of consciousness in you. You have moved out of the natural flow and mechanism of understanding. You have moved out of the world of Consciousness. You moved out of natural Understandings and got trapped in the world of false intelligence and unreal beliefs and wrong understandings.

To have continues Peace in life, it is very important that we create in us a continues process of understanding the self and experiencing it through our awareness. This process of understanding should happen in a state of obedience to what is happening in life, not fighting against it. Only when there is a frictionless experience of Soul You could ever create a true Awareness in yourself. Only when there are calmness and easiness in mind you could ever reason about the situations you are in your life.

When you restrict the natural flow of understanding in yourself, by fighting against your script of life without awareness of the self and the situation. You will not be able to create enough attention and experiences in Soul to have awareness of it. And when you are not in the ease with the Situations in life, you make the flow of understanding to be restricted and make further development of your Soul at stake. Continues block in the flow of understanding will drift you away from the reality you are in which adversely affect the peace You want to achieve in life, and it is the main cause of endless suffering.

Peace is not a Mind concept, Peace is not an achievable skill either, it is the attribute of Consciousness, which we experience only when we allow the natural flow of understanding in life, without any corruptions and influences from us into the process. It is Experiencing the framework and the medium of life, in its purest form without any errors into it from us.

All the sufferings of a person in Body, mind, and Soul are related to the balance of flow of Content of Consciousness in him. If he restricts the natural flow of intelligence he will suffer in mind, if he restricts the natural flow of information as senses in the body we will suffer in the body. If we restrict the natural flow of understandings in soul we will corrupt our soul, thereby corrupting the complete self. The real Peace in life is to maintain the natural flow of the content of our Consciousness like information, intelligence, and understandings through our entities like body, mind, and soul through our functions like sensing, reasoning, and Awareness. When we maintain this balance, we are at peace with our Consciousness.

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