Why Opt For Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery In India?

A very commonly performed treatment for brain issues — Deep brain stimulation Surgery (DBS) is a procedure to implant a device similar to pacemaker that sends electrical signals in the areas of brain responsible for body movements. It is a technique that includes implanting of electrodes inside the deep nuclei of brain known as ‘’subthalamus’’ under local anesthesia. The electrodes are later connected to IPG (Pacemaker) implanted below the skin under the clavicle through the connecting leads. The patient requires to switch on the device with the help of a patient programmer to perform any kind of movement or any activity. The surgery helps in stimulating the deep brain nuclei, and improves all the symptoms of Parkinson disease.

With regular technological advancements and disease progressions the parameters of stimulation have been changed with time and the patients now can change the stimulation parameters themselves through patient programmers. Usually the life of the pacemaker is 5 years and after which the patient need to get it replaced. The electrodes often remain in position for long.Rechargeable Pace maker shaving a life of 15–20 years are also available these days and can be easily recharged sitting at home.

Deep Brain Stimulation Procedure
The surgery involves usage of a surgically implanted medical device, same as a cardiac pacemaker used to deliver electrical stimulation to specifically targeted areas inside the brain. Stimulating these areas in turn blocks the signals that cause the disabling of motor symptoms that cause Parkinson’s. The electrical stimulation can be adjusted in noninvasive manner to increase treatment benefits helps in achieving greater control over patient’s body movements.

DBS System consists of three implanted components
Lead — it consists of 4 thin coiled insulated wires with 4 electrodes at the tip. The lead is implanted inside the brain.
Extension — It is attached to the lead and is stitched under the skin from the head, down to the neck till the upper chest.
Neuro stimulator — It is attached to the extension is a small and a sealed device, similar to a cardiac pacemaker that contains a battery and electronics. The device is typically implanted below the skin in the chest under the collarbone and sometimes in the abdomen as well depending upon the disease and patient’s requirement. Also referred to as a “brain pacemaker,” it generates the electrical pulses required for stimulation. These electrical pulses are usually delivered through the extension device and lead to the targeted areas inside the brain. The pulses can be easily adjusted to check or change the current Neuro stimulator settings.

Risk Associated With DBS System
Complications of any surgery include symptoms like infections,bleeding, blood clots, and reactions to anesthesia dosages. There may be certain complications associated with the placement of the DBS lead that include infection,seizures, and there is a 1% chance of bleeding inside the brain.It may worsen some symptoms like speech and balance difficulties and depression.

After-Care Post-Surgery
The surgeon may suggest you few medications to prevent post-surgery infections and may also prescribe a detailed medication plan. The patient may require to visit the doctor regularly post-surgery to adjust the stimulation with the help of programmers. The patient should take necessary precautions post-surgery and follow all the instructions. The patients should take proper care of the treated area and incisions on the head, by keeping it dry and covered all the time. Lifting heavy weights and other strenuous physical activities should be avoided for few weeks post-surgery.

Choosing A Neurosurgeon For DBS And India As Your Surgery Destination
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