Self Love as an Anchor …When Nothing Else Is.

There are days when it is very clear who I am, my purpose in life, who I love, and who I am loyal too. Then there are days when it is a bit blurry. On those days, it becomes important to center my life in self love. Ive been thinking about self love longer than it was trendy, longer than it was a hash tag and longer than hash tags have existed.

Self Love is the deep understanding that you are a unique creative being capable of all that you need in life. Yes you need water but think about even you are made of the water you need. You are the joy you seek. You are the intelligence you search for. You are the wisdom you find.

It is this pattern of thinking that allows me to embrace life as it happens. This is the anchor I hold onto as partners, room mates, colleagues, students, politicians float in and through my life. They come and go. Yet, I am still here. I am here with me.

I have no answers for the complex problems you may see. I do know that where ever you are, if you stop and focus on your breathing it will remind you that you are alive, you are here with you and even if only for that moment you will know what you need to know. Repeat as necessary.

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