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I thought better of you than this.

If I wrote that gun control activists were willing to let innocent people die in pursuit of their legislation, because they didn’t care about those who’s lives have been saved through firearms in circumstances where waiting for the police wasn’t an option, you would rightfully say I was full of shit.

We don’t have to agree with each others’ arguments, data, or perspective. But at the very least, we can have these discussions without saying this:

Yet here you are, holding on tightly to your gun. Afraid to let it go. Persistent at my expense.
According to you, your sport means more than my safety.
Even with all of the armed security guards surrounding my building, I feel more vulnerable than ever.
Because of people like you.
Put down your gun. It’ll save my life, even if you’re not the one who pulls the trigger.

As if we don’t care about dead children. As if disagreement with your policy prescriptions is equivalent to killing them ourselves. As if we don’t have a whole litany of arguments and supporting information of our own, that go beyond slogans.

You don’t have to read a word from any of those links. Hell, you don’t have to read a single word of this response. But at the very least you can do is assume that our position is a little more complex than an NRA slogan.

Again, if I had written the inverse of your answer, what do you think you’re reaction would have been? Because when I read your answer, I thought the friends, family, and countless strangers whom you know nothing about, that you just labelled as culpable for the death of children.

Because they have the temerity to disagree with you.

You say that you have the right to self-defense, but can’t the “good guy stops the bad guy” theory apply to knives, too? So, if Americans didn’t have guns, couldn’t people just buy knives?

Because we have this weird theory that criminals won’t abide by that, and the law will just disarm law-abiding citizens, and potentially make felons out of otherwise upstanding citizens who live in areas where police response isn’t the timeliest and they selfishly want to defend their families.

The funny thing is, I don’t like guns. I lived in a safe neighborhood, so I never felt the need for protection, and I’ve never had any interest in hunting or marksmanship like the rest of my family.

Again, you can disagree with every word of this without claiming that we don’t care if children die.

I’ve enjoyed your writing for little over two years now. In that time, I came to know you as a thoughtful author who carefully considered all sides of an issue, albeit from a perspective with which I didn’t agree.

I suppose that was naive of me.