A Few facts about Islamic Education for Girls

Thanks to Islam’s tireless promotion of girl’s education, today we have a world full of Islamic women who are enlightened critical thinkers, scholars and achievers. It was Prophet Muhammad who became the first teacher of Islamic women and emphasized on the importance of their education in Hadith, where he had said that whoever brings up two sister or two daughters and provides them broad education, treats them well and makes necessary arrangements for their marriage definitely assures a place for himself in Paradise.

Finding out about the objectives of Islamic Institutions

Institutions imparting education to Muslim women are typically driven by the following objectives:

Ø Helping students to develop love for Allah and for His Prophet Sallallahualayhiwasallam

Ø Providing them with all the opportunities to grow an in-depth an understanding of the Deen

Ø Teach them the importance of being law abiding citizens

Ø Fostering moral and religious values and tolerance for other religious views as well

Ø Helping the students to acknowledge and appreciate the needs of others and helping others meet their goals as well

Ø Teaching them to be sensitive to their needs

Ø Nurturing their ability to be great team players

The Challenges

Now, there are some needling deterrents to girls’ education around the world in the form of lack of sanitation facilities, over-crowded classes, and lack of basics including books, recreation facilities and equipment. Not to forget, lately there has been no dearth of Muslim charities to combat the most pressing challenges faced by the backward communities when it comes to education for Muslim girls.

Charity for Girls Education comes in various forms. While there are some Islamic schools that have dedicated academic programs for girls hailing from the poorest of backgrounds, there are institutions (both in the Asian and non-Asian countries) that welcome donations for upgrading their present amenities.

Finding an Institution

Irrespective of whether you are looking for an Islamic School in an Asian or a non-Asian country, you need to follow a few steps before zeroing in on a choice. Now, there is no dearth of academic institutions imparting Islamic education across the world. However, the key is to handpick those schools that are best known to offer quality education to aspirants. In order to ascertain the quality of education thus imparted in these schools you have to conduct a thorough research on their background — when they were established, what their mode of education is, which are the subjects taught by them, how many students are there, what are the objectives guiding them and others.

Their credentials as premier academic institutions can well be judged by finding out about the faculty, awards (if any) and track record. Don’t really hesitate to reach out to present and ex-students of the institution for help. Find out if the particular institution you are considering at the present moment has garnered positive reviews from students and academicians or not.

Keeping these points in view, will hopefully help you find a quality institution offering Islamic education to girls.