Charity : A Way of Islamic Life

Islamic teachings emphasize on the importance of extending helping hand to all those in need. The never ending act of charity is considered to be one of the basic teachings in Islam and every true Muslim should keep performing charitable acts as much as they can. It is significantly mentioned in the Holy Quran that a good act of charity is beneficial to not only the person who does it, but also to the person to whom the act of charity has been performed. The fruits of any kind of charity work are considered to give rewards after the person has passed on.

Never Ending Charity

In Islam, it is believed that a simple act of charity of any kind, performed by a true Muslim, will bear its fruits even after the person has passed away. The rewards showered unto the person, known as Sadaqah Jariyah, will continue even after life. The teachings of The Prophet states that only three things are eternal after a man passes away i.e. the rewards of charity work he has done in his life, the knowledge he has passed on to others and virtuous children he has raised who will pray for his eternal peace in his perpetual life. Therefore one should never restrain oneself from performing an act of charity. A ceaseless charity is the purpose of mankind and without any expectation should be done by all and such is the teaching of the Holy Quran.

Charities in Islam

Islamic charities can be performed in various ways. From helping a poor, needy soul materialistically or spreading the teachings of Islam to fellow beings, Islam emphasizes on the importance of any kind of selfless help given to those in need. Following are some of the ways in which help can be offered to people;

· One can choose to offer donations or financial help in the building of various public constructions such as Mosques, orphanages, schools, colleges, water tanks, water wells, urinals, clinics and hospitals.

· In addition to financial help, one can volunteer physically in the construction work.

· One can offer to sponsor the education of a needy child or an orphan.

· One can initiate and undertake the task of educating people about the teachings of Islam and spreading the knowledge about the true meaning of the Islamic teachings.

· Apart from educating people, once can distribute Holy Scriptures about Islam.

· One can also help someone learn how to read the Holy Scriptures or recite a dua.


The teachings of Islam regarding charity are not limited to humans. It also emphasizes on practicing and showing affection and compassion to animals as well as plants. Islam also teaches to plant trees or donate them for certain cause which can lead to the formation of better place and society. Along with this, animals should also be extended help when they need it. Placing water for stray animals and watering trees and plants can also be undertaken as charity work. The credits one gains from such charity gets carried forward to life after death as well enabling an individual achieve peace, goodness and blessings of God.