Islamic Education For Every Muslim Child — Jamea Al Kauthar

Islam is primarily known throughout the world as the religion of peace. Education finds a special place in the religion since it (education) is the right vehicle to put one’s knowledge to optimal use. Thanks to education itself, Islam has been successful in inspiring intellect among its followers. Notably, the religion believes in equal educational rights for men and women. Today we will be learning more about this esteemed academic institution. Acquaint yourself with its excellence. Read on.

Jamea Al Kauthar: At the Forefront of Islamic Education

Taking the advanced religious beliefs forward are the schools, colleges and universities imparting Islamic education. The discussion regarding the Islamic education remains incomplete if we don’t really talk about Jamea Al Kauthar. Based in Lancaster, UK, this world-renowned Islamic academic institution has been consistently producing graduates who not only perform well in school, but are also credited for fostering high moral values within their communities.

Established in the year 1996, Jamea Al Kauthar presents you an opportunity to be a part of an academic ambience which is not only morally inspiring but academically fulfilling as well. No wonder, it has attracted students from all over the world.


The institution is located right at the heart of Lancaster. The Victorian four-storey grade II listed building has its Madrasah and School situated in two separate buildings. Notably, the boarding wing of the building formerly used to be the Royal Albert Castle. Needless to say, it’s backed by a completely secure ambience. Flanked by 20.5 acres of lush greenery, the institution makes for a wonderful serene setting aimed relaxing students’ minds.

A brief look at the Curriculum

Students at Jamea Al Kauthar are offered both Islamic and worldly education. The Islamic Theology is shrunk to five or six years in accordance with the pupil’s basic Islamic knowledge and acquaintance with Urdu. The Arabic as well as the Urdu languages are a part of the curriculum for the first 3 years since a vast part of the Islamic languages is written in both these languages. The Prophet’s traditions are a part of your final two years’ courses that also include the study of Islamic Jurisprudence and Tafseer (commentary of the Qur’an). Here’s a further look at its academic course:

Starting off from your Islamic Education you have to go through Secondary and then the A levels.

Jamea Al Kauthar has consistently demonstrated its commitment to provide “inclusive” education and its GCSE results have always been above average ranging from 95 to 100%. If you want you can also request for full results.

The final Words

There is hardly any doubt that Jamea Al Kauthar represents the best virtues of Islamic education. An ensemble faculty, well thought out curriculum, great academic ambience and its infrastructural facilities are the hallmarks of the institution. Like so many aspirants out there, if you are willing to be a part of Jamea Al Kauthar as well then make sure you’re going through their comprehensive admission/application procedure and acting in accordance. Do visit their website for further details.