Leave👏🏿Bill 👏🏿 Cosby 👏🏿 In 👏🏿2017

So like most folks I brought in the new year around people I love and care for. Had a drink or two, sang a song or two as well. With me being a new dog parent I was more than anxious to get back to my baby Sox to make sure he was okay. I never left him alone before ,let alone for 3 hours 😩. So mentally I was not prepared to do anything for NYE. But any-who a male friend of mine was there, we spoke did that lil dance us millennials do when we see “people”. Shortly after that one of my homegirls inconspicuously came over and was like “OMG you know him…he doesn’t believe Bill Cosby is guilty”.

Y’all if my mouth could drop to the floor it would have! This is suppose to be a movement brother fighting in the trenches with us. Kicking patriarchy in the ass and slapping sexism upside the head. Drake could not have said it better when he said ‘motherf*****s never loved us”. It’s no reason for Bill Cosbians to be in 2018 especially given the current temperature of today’s society around #metoo.

But here we are 16 minutes into 2018 and folks still out here trying to be rape apologists and what not. So little ole me practicing speaking up for myself engaged the fellow in conversation. It was nothing short of mansplaining, dick slanging foolery. But I persisted! He initially was basing everything off of the idea that these women came forward because Bill was trying to buy a network. Listen it’s so much wrong with that I won’t dive into it here.

When I asked what do you mean he said to me “ you can’t sit here and act like some of those women weren’t lying” 🙄. Acknowledging that it was plausible we asked why is it so important to bring up outliers in this conversation? He confidently said a lot of nothing in a circle with his chest puffed like he nailed the coffin closed. Child please we don’t do intellectual laziness over here. So rephrasing the question several times and getting very different answers from: they were going after his credibility, he just not guilty of doing that to so many women, they didn’t want a black man to own his own major network. He finally landed on “I can at least acknowledge that some of those women were lying.”

My response to his physical response

I’m now convinced that he can’t see pass his male privilege and takes us for a joke. Not only that his underlying assumption was not only already addressed but proven wrong earlier. I flat out told him that he is inconsistent and doesn’t even know what he himself meant. Buddy had the audacity to look shook, hell I was shooketh when he said what he said! I’m pretty much through with the entire situation because it was clear to me he thought he could say some shit and nobody question what he says. Must be nice to not have to follow up your statements. My homegirl continued to engage with ole boy and before it was completely dead I checked back in when he said it’s no reason to have this conversation when the opposition won’t listen. Honestly i found that to be ironic when he cut me off for the 4th time , and attempted to over talk me and continue his blind , deaf, and foolish dick slanging.

It’s 2018 leave Bill Cosby where he at and get with the program. To not know that women get harassed multiple times throughout the day is absurd. To look for ways to discredit harms committed against folks is dangerous, ruthless, and selfish. I always say it’s important to recognize when we act and speak from a point of privilege because we all have some sort of privilege. If you want to be a rape apologist and pretend to walk the walk to smashing capitalism and all its by products square up because i’m taking down names in 2018 .