5 Things I Haven’t Done In (at least) 5 Years

According to Hollywood, a possibly misinterpreted Mayan calendar, and a range of eschatological legends the world was supposed to come to an end before the year 2012 came to a close. Well, it seems that did not happen; we are still here, several years later. I suppose it is fair to acknowledge, though, that my life is not quite the same as it used to be. There have been some significant changes.

These are not those. These are just 5 things that I recently realized I have not done in at least 5 years.

  1. Sang karaoke 🎤: The last time was in Seattle. I had crossed the continent from Florida to visit a few friends. My motives were pure enough, but I ended up brutally butchering the Simple Minds theme from The Breakfast Club. I sang every single note too loud — like Jim Morrison trying to set the night on fire loud. Partly, I thought it was funny. Mostly, I knew it wasn’t. Definitely, I did not need another beer, but I felt I owed it to the bar as a sort of apology.
  2. Pet a cat 🐱: May is National Pet Month in the U.S.A., and I think many of us probably agree: The coolest creatures have fur features [TM]. Heck, through the years I have probably spent more time with cats than with cousins. Alas, my most recent companion kitties have long passed on to that great scratching post in the sky. I am not actively seeking any four-legged housemates, but I have spotted a new neighborhood cat stalking my driveway in recent weeks. My curiosity has been piqued also by news of a “cat cafe” soon to open nearby, though I am not yet sure what the script is for interrupting a stranger’s café au lait to ask if I can pet their kitty.
  3. Driven a manual transmission automobile 🚘: I have shifted into manual mode once or twice a year for better control driving on ice and snow, but the last time I put a car in neutral at a stoplight I was wearing a Members Only jacket. Okay, that’s not true. I may have been rocking a new Samsung Galaxy S3, though. It seems so long ago.
  4. Bought a new tie 👔: I probably should burn the ones I own before I have to come to grips with just how far out of style they are. We are not even sure whether to wear ties to interviews, anymore. Does anyone know where I can buy a clip-on?
  5. Watched a dramatic movie about apocalypse 🎬: I’m not talking Pixar animation or Marvel universe. I’m talking heart pounding, breath holding, is-anybody-going-to-make-it-out-of-this drama. Even though I never actually watched the movie 2012, and I fast-forwarded through most of Prometheus, I did use to find that sort of thing compelling. These days though, the news is enough.