Assessment Task 1B — Film Sequence

2922614 — Jamen De Guzman

Fig. 1 Still image from Christian Marclay’s ‘The Clock’ (2010)

The medium I have chosen is film. This follows the choice of medium that my inspiration artist, Christian Marclay utilizes. The tool I have used in the production of the film is Windows Movie Maker as it allowed me to complete the processes that were required. 
The framing used in the film was specifically chosen to capture the surrounding environment of the UTS Business building and portray the everyday activity that occurs.

The technique I have chosen is “A series of fragments that build a whole.” Through this technique I have explored the works of Christian Marclay and taken inspiration from his film “The Clock” (2010).

Marclay uses short clips from various movie titles with a common theme in all of them. He frequently features a clock showing in each scene. Each clock placed in different scenarios but all having a continuity of time. Through this he conveys the idea of time, and that it never stops. No matter the situation, no mater the circumstance, no matter the event, time will continue on. This also brings about the idea that time is a precious commodity as scene in Fig. 1 showing a busy station or terminal environment.

Similarly, I have taken footage of the area surrounding and including the UTS Business building. I have aimed to capture a clam, controlled and relaxed environment in contrast to the busy, rushed streets of the CBD that you can hear throughout the presentation.

“The Clock” (2010) — Christian Marclay

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