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Franchising has been one of the most popular formats of conducting business in various fields for many decades. This type of cooperation is in great demand in the online gaming industry today.

Online casino franchise
Online casino franchise
Online casino franchise agreement

I will help you understand what are the benefits of the operation under an online casino franchise agreement. Besides, learn more about other popular methods of doing business from this article.

The Essence of Working Under a Franchise Agreement

A gambling franchise contract is a document that allows the operator to use the name, logo, gaming content catalogue, and client base of a famous brand to build his or her business.

This format of cooperation has lots of advantages for both the franchisee (a start-up firm) and the franchisor (a parent…

The presence of an online casino licence is a prerequisite for running a legitimate entertainment business. The process of obtaining a permission document requires a deliberate approach.

Casino licence
Casino licence
Online casino licences

Follow my tips in order not to make mistakes while searching for an optimal permit.

The Benefits of Online Gambling Licences

Some unscrupulous entrepreneurs neglect the importance of online casino licences. They open illegal establishments and expose their financial resources and the reputation of their companies at great risk.

However, the regulatory bodies of almost all countries monitor the activities of clandestine projects strictly. The owners of such establishments are punished with substantial fines or even imprisonment.

At the same time, players may lose trust in such projects. Such situations undoubtedly negatively affect the reputation of the online gaming business in general. …

The online gaming business is considered one of the most profitable industries in the world. The events of this year have shown that it can exist and flourish in any conditions.

The global pandemic has affected the development of many areas. However, the representatives of the virtual entertainment sphere managed to save and even increase their profits.

Online gaming business
Online gaming business
Online gaming business: opening

Follow my recommendations and find out how to open your own casino and get decent profits in the shortest possible time.

Interesting Facts About the Gaming Industry

The first real money entertainment appeared in ancient times. …

The iGaming software is the basis for the successful launch of the online business. Therefore, the purchase of a high-quality solution should be approached with all seriousness and knowledge of the case.

Modern iGaming software
Modern iGaming software
Modern iGaming software: how to choose

When you choose to cooperate with us, you get a turnkey website without extra cost and unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles.

What is the iGaming Software

The iGaming software is a rather wide-ranging concept that includes a set of tools, programs, and solutions that ensure the smooth operation of a gaming site.

All components are created with the use of advanced technologies and with the direct participation of professional programmers, architects, and testers.

The ready-made gaming software is a complex program code with massive libraries of data, multilevel hierarchy, and a number of interconnected commands. It is logical that it is almost impossible to create such a powerful technological product on your own. …


James Burton

Hi! I am a successful casino owner & consulting expert at Casino Market with 11+ years of experience. Here I share my tips on starting a business.

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