AI in lieu of Accountants at Next Year’s Oscars

by James Grundvig

We have all read about the insanity of people, young and old, taking selfies to the point of injury, embarrassment, and death. Too close to the cliff’s edge, one more step back for the perfect selfie at sunset and pfft! Gravity wins every time. The person plunges to his/her death and besides giving heartbreak to their friends and family, and a memorial service, they also provide an opportunity to make it in the news beyond the obituary page.

Take the genius accountants at Price Waterhouse (PWH), who were actually working while the Oscars were going on, and they found time to — gulp, swallow — enjoy the moment being among the stars, a galaxy of them. So it was natural that they wanted to share with their friends, families, and followers their photos and selfies. But they should have been working instead.

So how does an accounting agency, a big one, not have any quality control or quality assurance in place to prevent such a total lack of controls?

My answer: Wendy’s and Amazon are rolling out AI Bots in the next few years, fighting back against the rising costs of minimum wage + Obamacare.

Thus, an AI Robot won’t have to pay into a system. Some Luddite EU executive wants to tax the Robots. “Go ahead, make their day.” Good luck with that one. How about their great idea to lower the standard of living by giving everyone cash to live off? That’s the digital equivalent of the Depression Era bread lines.

Great plan, maestro!

In my view, the more AI Bots that replace the accountants at such awards’ shows the better we all will be. They wouldn’t embarrass Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, and the rest of Hollywood. They won’t take their self-absorbed selfie moments, get distracted by the lights, and forget to do their jobs. They won’t crash the Oscars parties after the show, drink someone else’s champagne, or complain about some of the awful, 1950-era dresses the stars wore on Sunday night. Many, I presume, could double as living room curtains.

So who believes it’s passed time to rid society of accountants looking to grabbed their 15 minutes or even 15 seconds of fame?

If you don’t think accountants can be influenced by the Digital Age, just take a look at this brain teaser article.

Times have changed. So must the accountants or they will meet their fate in Digital Darwin.