Fauci’s Zika Bomb Fizzles

As it Burns Billions in U.S. Taxpayer Money

If there were a wax museum dedicated to American medical professionals, NIAID Director Anthony Fauci’s diminutive figure would be on display with the title ‘Zika Zealot’ emblazoned under his name. Combined with his fossilized, greying face of a still life frozen, his wax likeness would be more fitting to scare visitors at a horror show.

The shock Anthony Fauci must have felt when he learned that the Trump Administration had cut the funding to his pet project — a fast-tracked Zika vaccine — derailed one of the biggest medical heists in United States history. In doing so, President Trump saved the U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars in wasteful R&D spending. He also saved Americans from unwarranted human experimentation on what would have become a very toxic, unnecessary vaccine.

Perhaps more warped than making a vaccine for a disease that, after seventy years hadn’t harmed anyone and is milder than the childhood infection mumps, was the cover story the brain trusts at the CDC, NIH, and the World Health Organization (WHO) created to conceal the true cause of the birth defects that clustered in northeast Brazil four years ago. Fauci, in concert with co-architect of ex-CDC Director Tom Frieden, peddled the false narrative for a Zika pandemic emergency. Their fear-mongering caused Florida and Miami, in particular, billions of dollars in lost tourist revenue last summer.

Together, Fauci and Frieden conducted a Zika panic roadshow. Covered by mainstream media lapping up the incredible (preposterous) new threat to mankind, the duo culminated their scare tactics in a one-sided, hit interview on 60 Minutes on the eve of last November’s presidential election. As Zika had spread north through Central America, the Caribbean islands, and Florida in 2016, the horrific birth defects of microcephaly and Guillain-Barré Syndrome never followed.

Not a single U.S. citizen was hospitalized as a result of the Zika virus; not one ER visit could be blamed on Zika. Thirteen months after the CDC and WHO sounded the Klaxon alarm, nothing more arose from the scientific community than a few cooked studies sponsored by the same brain trust of the U.S. healthcare agencies that are entrusted to serve you, the American people, and not Big Pharma, industry lobbyists, or executives’ golden parachutes when they retire. Between President Obama’s orders and Congress’ cave-in approval more than $1.6 billion of taxpayer money was earmarked to defend the United States from the invisible non-threat.

The Death of the Zika Emergency
 As summer 2017 comes to a close, Americans have a lot more to worry about than a false pandemic of a mild disease with an exotic name. Talk about fake news. Zika took the cake and ate it, too.

So what might be on the minds of U.S. citizens, today?

Shudder the fact that Kim Jong Un has detonated a hydrogen bomb test and plans more reckless missile launches. Then there is the massive recovery and rebuilding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey that flooded Houston, Texas. Now throw in the Category 5 Hurricane Irma — the next lettered tropical storm — placing Puerto Rico and Florida in a states of emergency and threatens the Eastern Seaboard. Amid all of these bonafide geopolitical risks and force majeure events coming together in the same aperture of time, there now is the rising threat of earthquake swarms in the continent-busting super volcano under Yellowstone Park.

Impelled by the new budget-minded POTUS, the U.S. government informed Sanofi Pasteur, once the exclusive maker of the Zika vaccine, much to the ire of Doctors Without Borders, their services were no longer required.

On September 1, Sanofi put out a quiet press release stating its withdrawal from the development of the Zika vaccine and its exclusive license. Like the NFL in 2013 when it needed to release but hide the players’ concussion settlement, Sanofi chose to bury its announcement on the same Friday of Labor Day weekend when the New York media is out of town for one last shot at vacation.

The press release read, in part:

“… The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that they completed an assessment of all Zika-related projects they are funding and have decided to focus on a more limited set of goals and deliverables.”

Sanofi was further directed to “de-scope” the production of the Zika vaccine. That is an about face, in military parlance, from what the U.S. Army, which oversaw the rushed clinical trials at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, wanted to achieve. Why was the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) involved in the research, development, and oversight of a vaccine for a non-lethal virus anyway?

A day after last November’s presidential election, the DoD announced that “human trials” for the Army-led Zika vaccine would commence.

But the partnership between Sanofi and the U.S. Army became strained by May, when the vaccine manufacturer refused to agree to “fair pricing” for the sale of the Zika vaccine. By the end of the month, Sanofi reinforced its tough, non-negotiable stance by refusing the desperate states, several of which are near insolvency (Illinois, Connecticut), on “fair pricing,” too.

Nothing like using hardball tactics for a vaccine that has zero product liability, needed next to no promoting (leave that to Fauci), and was supposed to save the world.

So Zika was all about money and control, and not about a deadly virus.

In the wake of the real dangers, with outlays in the hundreds of billions of dollars, the ObamaCare death spiral, and a budget ceiling and impasse looming in Congress, it was time to pull the plug on the Zika scam.

Zika Zealots Die Hard
For Anthony Fauci, who has governed over the contamination of many vaccines under his stewardship, the Deep State dream of a launching a nationwide pandemic to be “cured” by mass vaccinations came to a crushing halt. Once a slam dunk under the recently signed CDC quarantine rules put in place for such a “national emergency,” the false flag scam has lost its legs, interest, and ran out of funding.

Without a Zika vaccine or a real Zika virus to scare people, and with the Trump Administration hammering away at government waste, regulatory capture, and cost overruns, no such DHS or FEMA-led mass immunization program can take place — at least not until the next presidential election cycle in 2020.

Still, the American people and politicians, who were duped and bought into the lies painted and pleaded by the CDC and NIH, need to be vigilant about a future Zika-like scare being created out of thin air and spread virally by the mainstream press, the U.S. tech giants, and their Deep State masters.

The Sanofi Pasteur’s press release heeds such a warning:

“The case-definition and surveillance study is currently being conducted in 4 countries — Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, and Puerto Rico — and we are looking to enroll 2,400 volunteers.”

Human guinea pigs in poor regions of those countries will one day, no doubt, be injected with a Zika vaccine capable of shedding the Zika virus into the general population. Nothing like building a sustainable revenue stream to make “fair pricing” a reality one day for Sanofi and other Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers.

For now, Americans should fear the real threats to their lives in North Korea, a rumbling super volcano long over due to erupt, and a conveyor-belt of hurricane lashing storms this season. They should listen to any healthcare agency hyping or promoting scare stories with suspicion.

If you haven’t figured out by now, the CDC, FDA, and NIH doesn’t have your back, despite being charged with protecting your wellbeing.