Merck’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’

CEO Frazier’s Double Standard with President Trump

President Donald Trump and Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier meeting with the POTUS Manufacturing Advisory Council.

Ten days after the political fallout from President Trump’s clumsy and tepid response to the white nationalists protest and counterprotests in Charlottesville, Virginia, with the vehicular homicide by a young “Neo-Nazi” from Ohio, the polls show Trump had fumbled the response to the hate rally.

The racial flashpoint exploded that Monday.

As a result, Merck’s Chairman and CEO Kenneth Frazier resigned from President Trump’s manufacturing advisory council, leading to an exodus of fourteen more CEOs from two of the POTUS’ business advisory boards. Frazier felt an imperative to “take a stand against intolerance and extremism,” his statement concluded.

Who could blame him?

As an African-American, Frazier’s high-profile departure — with Merck being the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer — was more than a symbolic gesture against racism in that it effectively forced President Trump to shutter his advisory councils.

Kenneth Frazier’s resignation made a clear dig at President Trump’s initial response, weak and callous in the view of many, to the savage attack, with the CEO further stating: “America’s leaders must honor our fundamental values by clearly rejecting expressions of hatred, bigotry and group supremacy, which run counter to the American ideal that all people are created equal.”

Kenneth Frazier took a stand against racism. Bravo. Then let’s talk racism. Let’ talk identity politics, too — the soft, stealthy kind promoted by Merck executives with inside knowledge that some of the pharmaceutical giant’s vaccines are causing harm in some races and genders of people more than others. Where’s the equality and honor in that? One of those vaccines that has and continues to cause unnecessary damage in children has been concealed from the general public by Merck with the help of its paid collaborators in mainstream media and at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) since at least 2000.

Vaccine Fascism Against African-Americans

Taking a stand against racism is admirable for any corporate CEO, executive, employee, or American, for that matter, to make. What is interesting about Kenneth Frazier taking such a strong view, on the basis of moral high ground, is that the CEO, who joined Merck & Co. in 1992 as general counsel, has known for years that Merck’s flagship MMR vaccine is expressly pernicious toward African-American males.

The pharmaceutical giant has held a de facto monopoly on the “three-in-one” inoculation designed to prevent the spread of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) diseases. Beyond being the patent holder for the only MMR vaccine in America, CEO Frazier and Merck have been aware that the defective product increases the risk of autism spectrum disorders in African-American boys by 336 percent, according to a published CDC study. MMR, along with other Merck vaccines, are also likely responsible for the skyrocketing rise in allergy cases that simply didn’t exist half a century ago.

Concealing the risk of MMR vaccine from the U.S. population of 37 million African-Americans for the past two decades, Merck’s African-American CEO Frazier elevates the definition of hypocrisy to a grand new level, at bare minimum, and sacrifices his own race and gender of children for profit, at the worst.

Surely, Merck’s executives, scientists and medical doctors it employs cannot possibly follow the Hippocratic Oath — “First, do no harm” — which has been practiced and held sacred by physicians since it was written 2,500 years ago. If they did, they would have fixed the MMR problem they created long ago, and not rely on the corruption at the CDC to immunize the vaccine maker, its vaccine market share, ability to make a profit, or defective product with zero liability from harm.

For too long Merck and Frazier, who attained the CEO post at the Fortune 100 Company in 2011, have harbored the dark secret that the MMR vaccine causes serious harm, exposes babies and toddlers to unnecessary risks, and increases the risk of autism incidence rate in the African-American community by a factor more than three times. None of those are admirable traits for a CEO of any company to harbor, and none of those dishonest fallacies “honor our fundamental values,” especially not one deemed, claimed, and promoted to improve the health and well being of children.

So does Merck, with the help of federal agencies (CDC, FDA, NIH) tasked with guarding the health of American citizens, grow the weeds in order to pull them?

If that paradigm is true, then Merck makes sustainable revenue on both sides of our lives: First, by injuring some people with its vaccines, then trying to assist their health recovery with its well-oiled production line of pharmaceutical drugs.

Merck’s track record with the MMR vaccine goes beyond the racial and gender divides. At least one defective portion of the vaccine, the second ‘M’ for mumps, appears not to work at all. Back in 2012, it was as if two former Merck whistleblower virologists, who sued the pharmaceutical giant for fraud, predicted the mumps outbreaks four years later in fully “herd” immunized students at Yale, Harvard, and other campuses and regions around the country.

Does that mean that the MMR vaccine doesn’t work at all? Is it defective? What about its efficacy? None of those answers will be found in the alleged ginned up placebos Merck used during FDA trials for the vaccine. So if the mumps vaccine doesn’t work, why is Merck still allowed to sell them whole control a monopoly over a broken cure for a mild, mild disease such as mumps?

More Harm From Other Vaccines

If the failed and harmful MMR vaccine were Merck’s only calling card to injury, its only disgrace, in the opinion of this author, perhaps it might get a pass. But Merck’s vaccines kill more people a year than the lone the Neo-Nazi did on the streets of Charlottesville, or the fifteen dead in the Islamic State attack in Barcelona yesterday. That according to Merck’s own Gardasil package insert, which on page 7 states that Gardasil killed 40 people across the entire population study of 28,000+ human guinea pigs during the clinical trials.

But the breadth and damage that Gardasil vaccine causes in young females travels well beyond death, as lawsuits in Japan, Colombia, and New York, among other places, mount for such side effects as super-premature menopause, sterility, and paralysis. These are the deadly side effects hidden or kept out of sight from the usual headaches, numbness, vomiting, and insomnia issues that are sold as a “safe” product to the American people.

Questions on Race and Health for Kenneth Frazier

How does CEO Kenneth Frazier feel about Merck’s MMR vaccine negatively weighted more than three times against African-American males than their white counterparts?

What does CEO Frazier think about Merck’s defective Gardasil vaccine severely injuring more teenage girls than boys?

Will CEO Kenneth Frazier take a stand against the Gardasil vaccine that Merck produces and admit that it causes serious injury?

Finally, what does Kenneth Frazier think about Merck’s Zoster vaccine, which was designed to protect the ‘silver generation’ of Baby Boomers, a club Frazier belongs to, from shingles later in life? Does the class action lawsuit against the defective vaccine give him pause of how Zoster injures males and females his age and older? Is Frazier aware that the huge spike in shingles among middle-age adults was in fact caused by the chicken pox vaccine from those victims’ childhood vaccines.

The irony is not lost on this author.

So the question becomes: Does Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier represents the true and best interests of African-American males and the African-American community in the United States?

It’s hard to see how when a Fortune 100 CEO speaks out of one side of his mouth, but his actions sing a different tune.

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