Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s World Mercury Project Event

by James Grundvig

Last night I had the privilege of attending Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s World Mercury Project fundraiser. If ever there was a champion to fight the “orthodoxy” that mercury is safe for tots, fetuses, newborns, and children, Bobby Kennedy Jr. is it.

His impassioned speech discussed how he got involved in the vaccine-autism divide more than a decade ago, sitting in the backseat of a car with Lyn Redwood and the “Moms,” and he reminded all of those who attended the event last night the Moms had “bigger balls” than all the dark forces on the other side.

He covered some amazing territory and compared the censorship of the vaccine debate to the “sex crimes” of the Catholic priests; that the outing and breaking of that orthodoxy didn’t happen overnight; and that all of those in attendance and all of us on the right side of this societal fissure must plough on, continue to fight, arm our children that, just in case, we don’t win that the next generation does shatter the lie that has been planted and perpetuated by the “fascists” and propped up by the mainstream media that it, too, will one day collapse just as a sandcastle erodes and washes out over time.

Bobby Kennedy touched on his childhood, how he was raised by doing volunteer work as a child for special education programs — his aunt, I believe, was one of those program’s founding champions — and in the asylum of those who were afflicted with “mental retardation.” And that he never saw an “autistic” child or person back in the day of the 1960s. He went on to share how today a friend visiting a high school in California ventured upon a fire drill; and that person witnessed a classroom in which the teacher directed 20 of his students to put on “red” sound-muffling earphones; and when the students filed into position that he saw a “line of red headsets” and remarked that he had never seen that before.

Bobby used Merck’s Vioxx debacle as a reminder of who Big Pharma is, when he explained that Merck had planned to allow, sacrifice and sanction “50,000 people” to die, and that the multinational giant calculated they would make more money than the 50,000 lawsuits that would follow. But when Mr. Kennedy and his team of lawyers got a hold of that internal document stating the money over the death sentences of the 50,000 innocents it was game over. You see, when that happened even NPR ultimately covered that story. One day they will cover the vaccine train wreck, too. They just don’t know it yet.

He concluded his 30+ minute speech standing on a chair in the Upper Westside apartment of Skyhorse Publishing CEO Tony Lyons by saying that “corporatism” was something that Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights feared the most — the Deep State of large companies and government agencies becoming an incestuous monolith — and that “fascism” has to be challenged and ultimately taken down, as it has grabbed too much power. Mr. Kennedy reminded all of us that is what lawyers have been doing in the United States, being a part of the system of checks and balances, and that is what we must do as Moms, humans, and journalists to annihilate the orthodoxy.

During Bobby’s speech he rattled off statistics and diseases and ailments that children are suffering from today in America. The number 43, as in 43% of children in 2017 suffer some form of damage — autism, tics, peanut allergies, obesity, non-verbal, learning disabilities and array of other issues that just didn’t exist in our generation growing up in the 1960s and 1970s.

Finally. Bobby challenged the failed and corrupt CDC to live up to its name of the Centers for Disease Control, to “control” the health issues that are savaging the children of America today, to investigate why all of these previously non-existent ailments and disorders are occurring and to “control” their outbreak and reduce that negative societal trend line.

Personally, I became so swept up in his patriotic words and fervor that I, if for a brief moment, forgot that I have an autistic teenage son, non-verbal, severe case of tics, repetitive behavior, and a brutal case of OCD-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

What made the evening even more special were the speeches by Tony Lyons and his vaccine “brain-damaged daughter” — fine and healthy for the first three years of her life — that preceded Bobby’s tour de force, and Donnie Wahlberg who had the un-envious slot of following Bobby’s speech with a short one of his own, in which he reminded us that, as a newbie to this plague of humanity that he, who is “pro child,” along with his wife Jenny McCarthy was donating $25,000 to the World Mercury Project.

Donnie asked all of us to do the same — not in the same amount, but to donate so Bobby and his team of Lyn Redwood and the Moms can continue this most important fight.

It’s never too late to donate.

It was also great to see the producer of Vaxxed, Del Bigtree, Lyn Redwood, Tony Lyons and the Moms and Dads at the event.