Call fraud is a scourge that troubles nearly every single person today and we, in the telecom industry, haven’t done the best job of making the topic less confusing. We throw around acronyms (SIP, PSTN, CDR) like crazy and use a bunch of words only a select few understand (spoofing, Robocall, Traffic Pumping).

I’ll attempt to define and explain these acronyms and words to help lay a foundation for people to follow along with fraud discussions, articles, and regulations that are coming out.

Let’s start with some acronyms:

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) The protocol that handles setting up, maintaining, and…

We just wrapped up the 2018 Santa Barbara Capture The Flag and it was another spectacular turnout. With over 60 people in attendance, we kicked off what turned out to be the most challenging event to date. A lot goes into having a CTF such as rallying a team of volunteers, sorting out the funding, writing a bunch of challenges, and then finding attendees. In addition to all of that, we undertook two additional mini events this year for Social Engineering and Lock Picking. …

James Brown

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