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Taken from my office window

Today, I found myself in seemingly unpleasant situations.

The Meeting Invitation

First, I got an email about a meeting invitation. That was around 7 AM. The meeting was scheduled at 10 AM. This was given on short notice, so I thought, I’ll respond later and request to move it to tomorrow or the next day.

Mind you, this week is probably the busiest week I would be this year as I have two big events to prepare for.

So I decided to drive to the office.

20 minutes on the road, then, I thought, “This is an important meeting. …

My workplace is in Dubai so I drive about 2 hours a day (roundtrip).

While anyone would dread this setup, I am enjoying it so far.

Why? Simply because I have 2 hours of pure opportunity for learning.

Here are 3 things I do to keep sharpening the saw:

# 1: Podcasts

This is one free way to learn from so many experts. …

He used to climb up the thorny branches of a pomelo tree to reach the roof of their house as this is where he likes to lie down. The blue sky, the shadowing trees, and the passing birds are all but a background as he pulls up a book in front of his face.

This is what he does during summer breaks with the vague reason — that he feels smarter when classes start. And also for one specific summer when their house was too dark and warm because they couldn’t pay the bills.

His books, mostly borrowed, also didn't survive the series of floods that plagued their house, built near the river. …


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Infinite Learner. Multimedia Designer. A Generalist in a Specialized World. My home online is at

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