Generate More Work As A Freelance Designer

When you first start out as a freelance designer you may find it hard to pull in a few clients. In this blog post I am going to tell you How to generate more sales as a freelance designer.

1. Keep Bidding

A lot of people when they start out find it disheartening that all their job proposals are getting shot down left, right and centre. Learn to just keep going and persevere through these slow periods. Trust me, all freelance designers have went through these rough times but only the ones that persevered through them have went on to be great, wealthy Freelance designers.

2. Make your Proposals Detailed

Most of the proposals being made are boring, generic throw mud and hope it sticks type proposals. These people may have built up some feedback which makes their profile look a bit better but if you give the buyer a proposal that he can’t refuse then their feedback is negligible. Offer the buyer a discounted price and explain why you are doing this. Let them know you are trying to build up your profile and for the first job you are willing to give them a discounted price. Back this up with some of your best work and your on your way to getting your first freelance job!

3. Have a Freelance Portfolio

When bidding for jobs you are going to need a portfolio. Your proposals mean nothing to buyers if you don’t have some evidence of great work to back them up. There are plenty of great sites out there where you can host your portfolio or even create your own WordPress blog where you can host your portfolio. Eventually you are going to want to have a blog to start interacting with your clients. Get your blog set up here:

Add a link to your portfolio in your proposals. It should be well organised into categories so you can direct potential buyers to the correct type of designs that they require. GET A PORTFOLIO!

These are three great tips that will help you get your feet of the ground in the freelance world. You will now be able to build up your feedback on the site of your choice and start attracting more work. Try your hardest to give your clients a great piece of work that you are proud of! This will work wonders for you in the long run.