Beat Instagrams new algorithm in 2016

How To Beat Instagrams New Algorithm

So you have all probably heard in the past few months about the upcoming algorithm change and how it is going to affect your business. The same thing happened with Facebook a couple of years back where they made it “pay to play for the business pages”. Well they have now rolled out something similar on Instagram. Well many people do not realise that there is a couple of things we can do to keep our organic reach as high as possible.

We have some very simple methods that we have been using to keep our engagement as high as possible without having to pay for adverts.

1. Hashtags

Keep on using them hashtags. In previous articles we have talked about the power of the hashtag to attract new followers however now they are even more important if we want to keep our pages active.

Make sure you are always using the maximum of 30 hashtags in your posts. These should be targeted at your niche. So if you are an motivation based page like ours you will want to use tags like “motivation”, “success”, “goals”, “entrepreneur” etc. Tailor these to your niche. You will also want to add in a few generic tags such as “awesome”, “gorgeous”, “love” etc. which allows your photos to rank highly in these hashtags as well as your niche.

Bonus Tip: Do not put your hashtags in the description of your post. This is a mistake a lot of people make which is unnecessary. You should always post them in the comments. It does the same job and after a few people comment on your photo these hashtags will disappear making your photo look cleaner in the feed.

2. Interact with your audience

You may think it is a waste of time interacting with your audience but it’s not. Not only does it build a relationship with them and help them gain trust with your brand it helps you to rank higher in the algorithm.

By interacting with your fans and starting conversations in the comments of your photos it helps your photos gain more traction and social proof. This in turn can help in getting your photo to the explore page on Instagram which is a gold mine for likes and followers.

3. Tag larger influencers

Instagram ranks pages based on relationships. If you can get larger pages and influencers to interact with your work you’re going to rank much higher in the feed.

You are able to tag many people in your photos, I tend to tag about 15 people in my niche per post. When they like or comment on one of your photos all their followers are then able to see this in their notifications. This is a great chain reaction and can produce a lot more engagement on your profile.

Not only does it help when they like your photos but when you tag them you will automatically appear in their tagged photos. The larger pages have thousands of people browsing these photos each day so make sure you are visible to those eyeballs!

4. Always have a call to action

This is something a lot of people miss out on in their posts. People may scroll down their feed, look and your post and love it but without something compelling them to click like they might just scroll on. Great ways to boost engagement is to put something in the description like “Double tap if you love this photo” or “Tag a friend who would love this”. Not only will you get more likes but you will also get more followers when people tag their friends. It’s a win win. DO IT!

Here is an example of a post we used before on one of our pages:

5. Turn on post notifications

You’ve probably heard (and seen) this a hundred times by now but it does work and it is a good way to get your followers to see your posts quickly. Not everyone will do it but your loyal fans will which makes it worth it. Your loyal fans are the people who make you money so make sure and utilise them.

So now you know how to beat the feed you don’t have to sit up all night worrying about what is going to happen your instagram page in the morning. Go take action and start implementing these tactics.

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