How I learned to suck less at GTD
Becky Kane

Really enjoyed the article and like you, have struggled with focusing on the right things rather than worrying about how many boxes to tick. I might try ‘temptation bundling’ one day.

The biggest single gain I’ve found though is to use the reminders on my app (I am thinking about switching to todoist soon) to automate some of my commitment.

Monday nights, I set 3 goals for the week and they are recurring tasks until I change them. Each night, I set 3 tasks for tomorrow. This is my way of only ‘thinking once’ about tasks and goals and any future energy is dedicated to doing them.

Cannot agree more with the weekly review though. You have to keep track of what’s changed and if you can take yourself off to a place you associate with a treat (e.g. a coffee shop) so much the better.

One other thing which you alluded to and I am currently sucking at, is to focus on what you have completed, rather than bash yourself over the head on what there is left to do. The problem with any productivity system, is once you improve, that becomes the ‘new normal’ and you’re your own worst judge.