Assessment 6 — Audio

The lecture I had last Monday contained the history of podcasting and where it came from. I have listened to podcasts before, particularly the F1 Rejects podcast, which is sadly no more as it usually provided a very engaging listen that gave insight to the racing drivers that seldom get mentioned. The podcast that was chosen to listen to was one about Frank Sinatra. In my opinion, podcasting is a terrific concept that has become somewhat underrated over the years and I’d certainly recommend the Sinatra podcast to any music fan.

In the lecture I also learned about ‘audioBoom’. I must admit, I had never heard of that particular platform but nevertheless, it seems like a useful and usable platform outlet for podcasting and posting various audio clips. I have seen news companies utilise this to good effect.

The audio distribution platform I use is the Berlin based ‘SoundCloud’. Without trying to sound like I’m desperately moonlight myself (again), I often post my music using SoundCloud’, and much prefer it as an alternative to YouTube as the amount of abuse posted on SoundCloud is pretty much non-existent, and the comments from the users tend to be supportive. Below is a song of mine that has so far received the most comments (Most of which are from the same person).