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Back last year, we did a Proof of Concept with Karma Automotive during a hackathon and we won the first prize. Now I finally have some time to share an article about the implementation with the developer community. I hope you can benefit from this.

If you are interested in the concept of a frictionless market achieved by tokenising assets and using tokens as an integration point for web services, please check here.

The Karma car Token provides an Ethereum secured attestation to operate the vehicle and use it in a tokenised form…

It turns out they actually can, in a native way, providing you tweak the code just right …

Some time ago I participated in an engineering design challenge. One of the teams were tasked with creating a device to water plants for 2 weeks while the owners were away. The device they came up was a electrical behemoth which featured pumps, electronic timer systems, hoses, multi level sumps, moisture sensors and scaffold arms. At the presentation the machine exploded spectacularly sending water everywhere.

This is what you get when you ask a group of engineers to design ‘automatic plant waterer’.

We were then treated to the commercial solution — a piece of muslin cloth with one end dipped in a jar of water and the other in the plant pot. Capillary action drip fed the…

James Brown

Cofounder at AlphaWallet. Ancient genX nerd who enjoys coding and connecting gadgets. Considerable skill with social distancing and self isolation.

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