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Holy shit you are dense.

The first link you gave me shows that Hillary Clinton won 48.2% of the popular vote. That is in no conceivable way a “majority”. It just fucking isn’t, not matter how many insults you hurl at me.

The numbers you just cited show that in this case that 48.2% is more than any other individual opponent’s total, meaning it constitutes a “plurality” of the popular vote, as I mentioned earlier. Again, no matter how much you insult me for knowing this, it is indeed the case.

I know it’s hard for you, but follow me here: The fact that Hillary won a 48.2% plurality of the popular vote means that by the very fucking *definition* of the words “majority” and “plurality” — oh, for fuck’s sake I can’t believe I have to explain this to an adult — she not only did *not* win more than half of the votes cast, but it also means that she won more than all of her individual opponents. This is what I have explained to you, and you have now been so kind as to show me *twice* that this is *exactly* the case.

And you did it while claiming that *I’m* the one who is confused and stupid. I expect idiots to insult me, but to not just double down but *triple down* on an alternative definition of the word “majority” is not something I expected from a literate adult, much less a self-proclaimed “wordsmith” writing a “book” (cough) on electoral politics. Your editor is going to need a lot of bourbon. You should supply it.

Get a fucking dictionary. Use the internet. Here, I’ll do it for you. I’ve used the “learner's dictionary” as it seems most appropriate:

  • majority: a number of votes that is more than half of the total number
  • plurality: a number of votes that is more than the number of votes for any other candidate or party but that is not more than half of the total number of votes

But no, go on, tell me how you’re right, how 48.2% is a majority by proving to me once again that Hillary won a plurality rather than a majority of the popular vote. Throw in some strained grade school bullshit about how I’m some body part of your choice for pointing out that it’s not, and that you have proved this twice now. Four times is the charm.

I’m embarrassed for you.

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