Fuck Bernie Fucking Sanders
Val Perry

“Refusing to turn over your donor email list.”

A few points here.

  1. You do know that this is a silly criticism to make if for no other reason that Hillary just turned over her donor list this month, don’t you?
  2. You really think that people being repeatedly told to follow orders and “fuck off” are going to feel like donating to “your party”?
  3. The DNC has plenty of money from large donors. They have lots of money; my family doesn’t. Where we contribute it is not simply symbolic to us. It’s a sacrifice. Anything we could chip in would be merely symbolic alongside the money coming in from DWS’s friends.
  4. You do know that the second Bernie turns over that list it becomes worthless, don’t you? This isn’t a matter of “screw them because they screwed Bernie” — though I’m sure that there is plenty of that in play. The simple fact is that the DNC proved its incompetence over the past 7–8 years. The jury is still out on Perez (who is a nice enough guy, solid progressive — which makes it even more difficult to understand why he ran for chair of the DNC, when Ellison already had key support even from Schumer. Scratch that. I understand perfectly fine). If you knew *anything* about progressives — which, judging from your post, is more than a little questionable — you would know that an email from the DNC saying “give time and money to xxxxx” simply will *not* have the response as an email from, say, Our Revolution saying “please give time and money to xxxxx”. The DNC simply doesn’t have credibility — because they haven’t earned it, and when they had it, they squandered it by pulling money from red states, leaving those of us who live there at the mercy of Republicans. Republicans who have, incidentally, gerrymandered the shit out of states like mine so that now we send *no* Democrats to congress.

But I’m sure you know all of this and simply don’t give a shit. Because this isn’t actually about building a party that can actually win elections at all levels, but about keeping “your party” free of those of us who should “fuck off” — oddly enough, while writing checks and voting as told.