The Temple

So I attended the House of Money where the owners gathered and saw how law deferred to equity! And we all had a nice time me, Moses, Michael Kripton-Conen and the Saudi! It was such fun really, we talked about Scotland and ugly rain-skinned streets, and sun-cut shadows etched across baked earth! Even they were surprised how much fun we were having. I chatted with the Emperor about Sonoxic, it's going to save so many lives! The Jester agreed and brought up the Dragon School (He and the Emperor were on the same committee for one day only in support of said institution!), engulfed by a sudden wave of TIPS and guarded most insidiously against the malign influence of anything 'real' .................Oh what a day.... What a lovely day!!!!

So i decided it was about time............if I was going to die I would die glorious on the fury road!!!

I seized a cocktail stick and did battle with a mathematician for a gourmet spicy tuna roll! You could not make it up probably.

As I left the beautiful lady smiled at me and the lobby was filled with perfume. Back on the streets past the golden boutiques and restaurants that serve food covered in gold. The English elite are fast ceding this ground, retreating to redoubts in the west or else further still to the gastro pubs of the shires, but not us. We in that room remain untouched by such awkward social ills, onwards friends! What times we live in, oh to be alive at the dawn of the information age, but looking upon it from a wood panelled room, yes there is no better position.

Some days later a man was killed in the street outside my office. He was unlucky, he probably never saw the cement mixer coming. As I worked his body remained trapped between the back wheels. His blood flowed freely on the asphalt, there was really nothing anyone could do. I attended a meeting and drank a mug of tea. Returning to the window I caught sight of his great white belly as the paramedics tried in vain to resuscitate him. But for the grace of God we said. I wanted to write about him, but instead I wrote about a gold mine in Mali that I will never see.