Rat Race Exit

How I hope to step out from societies chains and move into freedom

This is kind of awkward. Its my first post (I have written online before, but not for so selfish a cause as what I write about now) and i feel a bit squeamish about having my insides exposed to the rest of world. But, it feels fun too.

I guess a little introduction is in order. Hi, I’m a hard working middle class entrepreneur who is quite seemingly stuck.

I’m successful in my own way. I have a pretty solid personal training business and a solid skill set in my profession. I have an amazing family and I have a fulfilling spiritual life. But with all these things I am still stuck in America’s great paradigm of not moving forward in part due to location but also in part of being fully committed to running this thing we call the rat race.

The idea of the rat race is not a new idea. People love to work, because, people love money. But, to me it is a little more complicated than that. Money in its truest sense is a tool that we all must have. It provides us with shelter, food, recreation and in many ways happiness (if you’re shaking your head at this than you must be in a pretty damn good place).

I for one wish I had more of it. There it is. My deepest darkest secret . . . well, sort of. I know the issue resonates with all of us. And, for myself, as I look into this gaping maw of financial inequality I wonder how it is that I came so far from being who I thought I could be.

The first time I came to really understand the term rat race was when I read a very popular book called Rich Dad Poor Dad. The author, Robert Kiyosaki is a financial genius and in some ways a crook. To me he is the truest sense of accomplishment, because he has amazing intellect into this area of money but he also charges for it. And he’s very well off because of it.

But, he is also a person that truly explains what it means to be in the rat race — a person who is stuck going to work because of greed (I want to buy this, no wait, how about a new sofa?, what about that house, no big deal!) to fear (my taxes are so high this time around, my child needs braces, please don’t take my home away). This is some scary stuff. Some very powerful, raw emotions.

I’ve had my fill of both sides. And to be honest … I’m tired of it. So now I want out. Not out of life, but out of this constant struggle. I want freedom not just for me but for my family. So join me if you will, on my crazy voyage on trying to escape the torrential rapids of being stuck. And hopefully, we all can finally start living.

Here is the book I was taking about — even though it’s been out a while it really opened me up to some financial realities.

On a side note, I also am hoping to teach my daughter about finances at a very young age so this book goes into that a bit as well.

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