About All This Drama and Whatnot
Awesomely Luvvie

Just say who you’re talking about.

I doubt you will because the person you are talking about has dedicated their life to fighting for the most vulnerable members of the black population. If you have trouble with the way they demand compensation then you should hit the PayPal button as well.

Otherwise, stay in your lane. You’re a Nigerian pop culture commentator and that’s been working out well for you. Now that you’re getting Hollywood money please do not think it affords you the right to talk down to us like the white people do. That behavior is disgusting.

You haven’t lived the black experience, I see your history. My descendants were the maids and drivers, they did not grow up having them. They knew about slavery because their descendants were slaves and rapist slave-masters! This is hallowed ground you stand on, your black ass wouldn’t catch a break in this country if they hadn’t fought for the equal rights. The success you’re now enjoying was paid for by my ancestors. #Facts

And if you are going to traffic in black culture, my culture, at least respect black people who are fighting for our interests. I don’t care how much black culture you’ve absorbed while being here, it does not give you the right to judge us.

Furthermore, you have no right to specify the type of reparations black people seek. Why? Because you’re great grandfather isn’t buried in American soil. You’re genetic makeup is not 12% European and 88% West African. You parents haven’t passed on to you the black dysfunction that started during slavery. You do not have a a bunch of brothers and cousins and uncles and friends that have been incarcerated. You can not say “I don’t know which country in Africa my family came from.”

The only talk of reparations you should be having is with other Nigerians about the money owed to you all by Nigeria’s former colonizers.

I can’t stand when African immigrants denigrate African-Americans, it’s like a sick rite of passage in this country.

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