I had to stop reading after the title.
Nicholas Martinez

The thing that I have not heard repeated in the press is that other airlines had flights that would have gotten that united crew where it needed to be in time, and it only would have cost united about $400 to put all 4 of their crew on a southwest flight. Southwest flew with empty seats on a route that would have served the stated purpose of getting the United employees to the plane they needed to work in the required timeframe.

Given the costs this event has and will have, chartering a G650 for those 4 employees looks like a bargain…

I honestly can not figure out any rational reason delaying and forcing people to deplane. Surely the delay alone cost more than it would have to use another carrier. Even if the southwest flight was somehow unacceptable, I bet that $800 and flying Southwest later in the day would have had enough takers.

Further, the carriage contract do allow them to deny boarding, but it did not say anything about requiring unboarding after a passenger has boarded.

Some united employees, probably more that just a couple, really screwed up. I hope they are identified and root cause analysis is done so that the cause of the screwup is fixed before they wind up drag a corpse off a plane…

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