Benefits You Can Get from Using KICKICO To Do Crowdfunding

Nowadays, there are several cryptocurrency based platforms that are specially made to do crowdfunding. However, if you prefer simplicity, low cost and bigger opportunity to meet various potential investors, KICKICO is definitely the answer. Here are some features you will enjoy if you do your fundraising campaign in this platform.

Various Fundraising Campaign

This is a one stop shop platform for every type of fundraising campaigns, from ICO, crowd-investing and also Kickstarter’s style crowdfunding. While other platforms only focuses on one service, this fundraising platform allows you to get fund for your project no matter what your preferred style is. Up to this time, there is only one platform that offers this service so this is definitely a positive point.

Since so many project starters come to this platform to fund their projects, it also becomes the first place the investors visit when they want to find an attractive project to support. The up to date community that unites backers and project starters will increase the success chance of your fundraising activity.

Lower Cost

If you have any experiences with ICO or crowdfunding, you definitely know how expensive the cost can be. Even after your fundraising is successful, you still need to cut the income to pay for the exorbitant cost. Normally, 20 to 30% of the fundraising money will be used to pay for the service of the fundraising platform, give rewards to the backers and other expenses.

It will be different if you use this platform. The cost of the platform service is only around 4%, which is much lower compared to other similar services. Furthermore, the cost will be deducted only when the campaign is successful. If it is doesn’t, you don’t have to use your own money to pay for the service and the backers’ money will be returned. It is a very safe way to do fundraising since you can direct most of the income at the end to fund your project.

Kick Coins

The main difference between KICKICO and other cryptocurrency based crowdfunding platforms is it distributes tokens called Kick Coins to protect the backers. When the backers have given their money to support the project, they will be given Kick Coins. Kick Coin is valuable because it is only created when other currency is present to back it. So, the backers can feel safer because they have real assets in hand instead of just a promise of rewards. As the platform grows, the token also will be more valuable which means more money for the supporters.

Author: James_H
ETH Address: 0xE7A51375277328981e054EEDedf71b8BAb93948B