Top 10 Los Angeles Based Mobile App Development Companies in 2019 (LA)

James Hollern
Jan 22 · 7 min read
Los Angeles App Developers

Los Angeles is becoming the new Silicon Valley (appropriately named Silicon Beach) for cutting edge app development. LA developers are in high demand for worldwide clients. Los Angeles is the home of biggest industries including tech, entertainment, and finance, which is the key reason why people land to this city in order to find correct solutions of their tech problems.

Hunting for talented app developers in Los Angeles is a tricky process as you have to judge a good number of parameters — whether the developer is committed, his past work, project delivery on time, reasonable prices, etc. Let’s suppose that you got all such details and also you are satisfied with all of them at the first meeting. How could you be guaranteed that the provided information is true? You should not feel satisfied until you avail information from all sides, not from only the company’s side.

Here I will give you information about each company that you need to trust. On the basis of their trust and our my research, I have listed here the top app developers los angeles who will surely turn your idea into a beautiful product.

Here is the list of Top Mobile App Development Companies in LA

1. ClearSummit


ClearSummit is a Los Angeles based development team founded on rock-solid engineering. We’re not trendy coders. We’re the real deal. Skilled engineers who build websites, apps, and experiences the right way from the ground up. When we engage, we’re thinking about your current version, your next version and what you’ll need to scale.

ClearSummit is a US-based distributed team of independent thinkers, product owners, and engineers. We pair best with sophisticated product owners who understand great design and value precision engineering.

We call Los Angeles home but are happy to meet you where you are.

Locations: Los Angeles



Accelerate your growth with WIZELINE. We help our clients innovate by designing digital products and customer experiences. We bring talent and technology together to make innovation predictable.

We build innovative software applications and provide the teams, platform, and services required for development and delivery. Over 100M people use Wizeline-designed and developed products every day.

Locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Mexico City MX, Guadalajara MX, Queretaro MX, Barcelona ES, Bangkok Thailand, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam and Sydney Australia.

3. Dogtown Media

Dogtown Media

Dogtown Media is a disruptive mobile app development company creating cutting edge apps to solve everyday problems, simplify frustrating activities, and bring endless enjoyment into the palm of your hand. Founded by a team of hardened tech veterans familiar with the twists and turns of app development, we pride ourselves on professionalism and perfectionism to design, program and deploy top tier mobile apps. They are headquartered in Venice Beach, California with a presence in San Francisco, New York City, and London.

Locations: Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, London

4. Sidebench


Technology today is more powerful and accessible than ever before. In the wake of technology growth, adaptation and innovation are vital parts of every company’s roadmap if they want to outpace their competition.

That’s where we come in. Sidebench is a team of disruptive technologists and creative innovators that are proud to serve as an award-winning strategic partner to forward-thinking organizations around the world. We are lateral thinkers who eagerly chase solutions to the big challenges that stretch our imaginations.

Our engagements foster long term partnerships that are as equally thoughtful as they are nimble. We marry the sensibilities of established enterprise brands with startup methodologies to nurture sustainable growth, drive innovation, and build products that users love.

Locations: Los Angeles

5. Creative27


We turn the digital landscape into a playground. Well, for us it’s a playground. For you, it’s new and exciting ways to reach and wow your customers.

Through beautiful apps and intuitive user interfaces. Through websites and videos that shift perceptions. We’re your Los Angeles, one-stop, multi-award winning app design and app development company creating solutions with vitality breathing new life into what you do.

And trust us, we have fun doing it.

Locations: Los Angeles, Dubai, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco

6. Distillery


The name Distillery comes from our no-stuff, no-nonsense approach. We distill an idea down to its most valuable and essential components. By helping you focus on what really matters, we create a solid foundation for sustainable business success. The end result: a product worth feeling passionate about.

You want to work with people who don’t waste your time, money, or focus. You can’t afford to follow a path that won’t get you to your end goal. We bring a strong point of view focused on helping you find the right path forward. When your success is on the line, we aren’t afraid to push back and help you re-direct. We’re here to help, from idea through launch and beyond.

Locations: Dubai, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, New York, San Francisco, St. Petersburg

7. Utility NYC

Utility is an end-to-end mobile product agency, focusing on designing and engineering today’s leading mobile-first businesses and new ventures. Founded by digital leaders from companies like Major League Baseball and McCann Erickson, Utility is built by folks that have been on the other side of the table. We treat every project as if it was our own, from startup ventures to blue-chip brands.

Locations: New York, Miami, Austin TX, Los Angeles

8. App Makers LA

App Makers LA

Build With Trust. With many different mobile app developers in the market, why choose someone who will take your money and run? Our company will ensure that your app will hit the app store within a reasonable time period. We guarantee our clients that they will have their app functional and ready by the time they release it for the public!

Our group of expert mobile app designers will work diligently in order to make sure that your app is designed the way you want it! We promise that you will have your app looking and functioning the way you imagined your app to be.

Locations: Los Angeles, New York City



We build your story. An award-winning digital studio that has helped publicly traded companies, startup founders, and public figures get ROI driven results from web and mobile app development. We pair you up with a world-class team of digital product experts.

We’ve worked with everyone from the first time founder to the multinational Fortune 100 company. Whether it’s a new app, a rescue mission project, or maybe some extra dev muscle to act an extension of your tech team.

Locations: Los Angeles, Montevideo

10. Tepia


We specialize in building apps from the group up. We will walk you through the entire process through discovery, wireframing, design, development and QA until launch.

Apps will be built using either Java for Android or Objective-C for iOS. The web portal front end will be using a combination of custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript along with Bootstrap. We will also create server-side API for the app and an admin portal to manage data. Tepia Co will use a cloud base hosting environment like Amazon AWS where neither the client nor Tepia Co will have to maintain server infrastructure.

Tepia Co will provide a dedicated project manager from whom you can always expect replies within 24 hours. Your project manager will also provide reports throughout the process. In the end, we will also provide training videos if necessary and help to launch the site.

Locations: Los Angeles