Listen to your 12 year old self.

Often times in life we like to listen to the opinions of others, especially when you’re my age it gets really easy to get caught up in the voices telling you how to live. “You need a job that makes a ton of money!” or “You need to do something that is really stable!” This in itself is not bad advice. But when I look at the people who I admire most I don’t see a lot of low risk, I see big risks that payed off, filled with failures and struggles that led them to grow into something even greater.

I’ve always grown up with a fascination for technology, my Mom constantly tells me about how I would always go up and just feel the buttons on the VCR or the remote for the TV. It’s like it's always been a fascination for me. So when I was around 12 the big hit for me was YouTube. I LOVED watching walkthroughs of all the different video games and loved how they could make my laugh and smile with their commentary. Eventually, I decided I was going to film myself playing Legend of Zelda using my parent point and shoot. Luckily those 30 minute videos never made it to the surface of the internet, but I was inspired. Like a passion had been awoken in me. Unfortunately I decided it was more important for the younger version of me to have the appearance of being normal than to be happy. Fast forward to the end of my first semester of college. I’m bored. I had just finished my last bio chemical engineering final for that semester and I wasn’t happy. I did OK but I didn’t feel any draw to anything I was doing. Like anything I was doing felt purposeless and didn’t lead me to any satisfaction. Then steps in a man a lot of the people on the internet know and love “Gary Vaynerchuck”. I stumbled upon his videos one day as I was laying on my bed in my room and he just had the fire I was missing. In a way I envied him, but he just kept telling me “go kill it, go hustle, quit let your words dictating your future success let your actions, etc.” I was inspired.

After that day I promised myself to just go after what I wanted. Key word being I. I decided to start vlogging on my iphone, I really didn’t know what I was doing and I just tried to copy some of the other vloggers I loved. But I kept at it. More and more I began to love what I was doing till I used all my birthday money to get my own camera. Everything has been different since then. I look back at what my 12 year old self would have wanted for me. Probably to be going on adventures with friends and making amazing things. I can happily say that’s what I’m doing now. So thank you 12 year old self. For waiting so long. I’m excited to show you what I can do.