I “HATE” motivational speakers!

I sat down to write this article about a month ago and after series of thoughts and analysis accompanied with overburdening school work, I forgot about it but saved it in my drafts.


Lol hate is actually a very strong word and may not really express my feelings towards motivational speakers, but no word did justice to expressing my feelings about motivational speakers than this word- hate. I have attended quite a number of conferences and these people- motivational speakers were always there to gear up the audience.

With their specially crafted words and sentences, carefully structured rhetoric, jokes and all, they captivate the audience legitimately making them believe they can do anything. I like to think that these words spoken by these motivational speakers have the same influence weed or alcohol has on the human mind. For some minutes you are superman- you believe you can do anything and after some time you are back to your sober, unmotivated self

In actual fact what I feel for motivational speakers is not actual hate but a feeling that maybe just maybe they should be more realistic in their approach to motivating people. Success, it has to be noted doesn’t come by mere talk and mainstream knowledge like hardwork and perseverance. Motivational speakers need to be more specific and address the realistic challenges their audience will face.

Motivational speakers need to understand that their audience are looking for realistic motivation and specific guidance to achieve their goals. I really like what my friend Benjamin is doing with @wehustleng. These people searching for motivation want realistic steps, blueprints and fellow “hustlers’’ pushing to achieve their different goals. That’s motivation! It is more of an action than mere talk.

In actual fact the motivation is in the reality not in the ambiguity!

Lol Motivational speakers sorry for my rant! Love what you guys are doing! This is just an opinion- constructive criticism to that respect.