1. Face with tears of joy

It is no surprise that this comes tops of the list. Twitter is hilarious and what better emoji to reflect this deep laughter than this awesome emoji!

2. Unamused face

This is also one of the most used emojis. Apart from the humor and laughs on Twitter, unfortunately people may get carried away and resort to tweeting unamusing or unintelligent tweets (probably for attention or retweets). Quite popular!

3. Heart (Love)

This can be used for many situations, used to express one’s love or appreciation for something, someone, or even threads.

4. Loudly crying emoji

Actually means distraught or crying, used in the twitter parlance to buttress an unfavourable situation or position a person has found himself in. Also used to express shame at ones incapability to do something or shame at another person’s actions on Nigerian twitter.

5. In love

Close to the love emoji, used to describe a feeling of being in love with someone or something.

These are five of some of the most used twitter emojis, you can also add yours..

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