Hillary Clinton has passed meaningful legislation on multiple occasions in the face of stiff competition, has traveled the world as Secretary of State and understands foreign relations probably better than 99% of the human beings on Earth today. And she’s done it all with grace and aplomb, while Republicans smear her character on a daily basis. Yes, she has my vote, anyone like that deserves respect if not a vote. No SHE IS NOT PERFECT, but neither are you nor Sanders!

She's not evil, she's not a whore, she's not a corporate shill, she's a human being that has made a couple of mistakes along the way. But the pros vastly outweigh the cons with her. She is perhaps the most qualified person to ever run for president in the United States.

She's dedicated, perseverant, and a lesser person would have left politics a long time ago with all the bullshit that she's had to endure, from both Republicans and even from her own party, and even a bit from her own husband!

What the fuck else more could you possibly want?

Right, free healthcare and college, well she's working on that, believe it or not, this shit takes time.

I mean hell it took nearly 100 years, a Civil War, and a constitutional amendment to eliminate slavery in the United States. Slavery!! And racism is still rather prevalent in the United States.

You gotta know a good thing when you see it, Hillary Clinton is a very good thing!!

Don't believe the Bernie Bros, Bernie Sanders himself disavowed the Bernie Bros. They were a rather large thorn in his side in reality. A few campaign staff members were dedicated to getting them to shut the fuck up.

And realistically what are the options here? Not voting? Voting for Trump? Moving to Canada? If that's how you feel, please know that that attitude is actually the problem that Bernie Sanders is trying to fix: The the jaded apathy of the American voter.

If Sanders got you involved, that's great, now stay the fuck involved! Don't be a crybaby.

Hillary Clinton is the rare opportunity to vote for someone who might actually bring some real change to the United States. If you've been around a bit, you'll know that it hasn't always been a bunch of Barack Obamas and Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clintons to choose from. I mean just look at all the people that ran for the Republican nominee this time and last time. Those candidates are far more typical than a Hillary Clinton.