Hillary Clinton will cross the 2,383 threshold of total pledged and super delegates required to win the Democratic Party presidential nomination Tuesday evening. Barack Obama has indicated he will endorse Clinton and wants to aggressively campaign for her. Bernie Sanders has said that he will continue his campaign until the DNC convention, and may contest it. Bernie Sanders is about to give a live press conference.

Ok, with all of the above going, this is typically the scenario where the leading candidate (Clinton) reaches out to the second-place candidate (Sanders) with an offer to get them to suspend their campaign. Since Sanders has been a particularly tenacious and outspoken candidate, it is very possible he has used that as bargaining leverage to have Clinton offer him a prominent position in her cabinet, and even the vice-presidency (though I personally don’t believe she would offer veep).

This will be an eventful week for the DNC! It’s a small chance, but Sanders may end his campaign this week. A one, two, or three percent victory in California by Sanders is not really the kind of support and momentum necessary to argue he should continue; it would take a victory of five or six points or more to even consider making that argument.

Update: Bernie Sanders press conference just ended. He appeared crestfallen — it was the first time he even hinted the results of the California primary may cause him to consider suspending his campaign.

Full disclosure: I am really jazzed to see Hillary doing so well and poised to make history by being the first woman to win the endorsement of a major U.S. political party!! It is truly revolutionary. Younger people may not fully appreciate the significance of this. Until 1965 or so, women in the U.S. were effectively treated as property of fathers and then husbands. Women didn’t get the right to vote here until 1920, which may seem like a long time ago but is not that far back in history. And remember, women in the U.S. right now are still fighting for equality (e.g. equal pay, the “glass ceiling”, reproductive rights, freedom from sexual harassment, no guarantee of maternity leave, etc.)