World’s First Certified Cryptocurrency Account Management And Bitcoin Interest Return Company: Bitcofly

James Maughan
Jun 10 · 3 min read

After many cryptocurrencies fell last year, many investors became more cautious about the crypto coins. However, since the beginning of 2019, the price of bitcoin increased and cryptocurrencies became the preferred currency again. Therefore, if you are interested in investing in BTC or altcoins and making your investments profitable in the medium and long term, it will be beneficial for all investors to work with a specialist cryptocurrency consulting and investment companies. Let’s see how Bitcofly, which was established in London last year and completed account management certificates, offers cryptocurrency account management services and bitcoin interest yield, a first in the world in this field, to meet your expectations.

Team members, professional investment advisors who have previously worked in world-renowned companies in the finance and investment sector and have been investing in the cryptocurrency markets since 2015 and providing consultancy services have developed a special technology platform for Bitcofly in London since 2015. Bitcofly, founded by Thomas Axelsen and his team, is a portfolio manager and finance expert, a professional cryptocurrency analyst and investor with financial management training in Southhampton. In order to ensure that Bitcofly customers earn a stable income in the medium and long term, it provides profit partnership services to all transactions by trading in the world’s largest cryptocurrency markets. Bitcofly enables its customers to earn stable income with low commission rates on the profits generated by buying and selling transactions on cryptocurrency by being a partner in the company’s investments in stock exchanges. In addition, daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual time periods with the option to offer investors the opportunity to earn a fixed Bitcoin interest rate.

Investors can see and review the history of Bitcofly investments from the beginning of all crypto exchanges transactions. However, after checking the past buy-sell transactions and seeing all performance, they can invest in the asset management system. Because the expectations of each investor are different. With regard to account management and interest yield, investment experts and analysts at Bitcofly instantly analyze the data 24/7 and make their investment decisions in the most accurate way and in the most reliable way in the market. In this process, the company makes short-term transactions by opening and closing transactions (scalping method) with the total investment amount of the investors and the company and makes the transactions in the short term by making the purchase and sale transactions of the cryptocurrencies with the highest transaction volume.

First and foremost, Bitcofly’s idea of this system is to make further and more detailed analysis to ensure further development and at the same time to be integrated into many exchanges and at the same time to further increase our profitable transactions. Cryptorobot, working in integration with exchanges, develops its studies, analyzes and designs a system that automatically buys and sells on crypto exchanges. Their goal is to develop this software and use fully automated systems to maximize the profits of investors. As a reliable and professional market expert and investor in the world of cryptocurrency, you can visit the official website of the company to get more detailed information and to consult on different issues.

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