Bonjour from Québec!

But Please Beware the Falling Bricks

Politicians in Quebec continue to work hard on more legislation nobody asked for or wants.

This past Thursday, the Quebec legislature unanimously adopted a motion which calls on store clerks to greet customers in French only, using simply “Bonjour” instead of the bilingual “Bonjour / Hi”.

Heaven forbid that tourist Ted from Oklahoma be misled into thinking that a clerk might speak English and be able to help him find a gift from Old Montreal for his kids. Will there be undercover squads of Bonjour inspectors hiding behind the racks of maple syrup and Canadiens t-shirts ready to fine non-compliant retailers?

Is this really what our politicians consider a priority?

This occurred in the same week that a Quebec Superior Court judge granted a temporary suspension on a portion of Quebec’s controversial and discriminatory religious neutrality law which deals with face coverings, which I wrote about previously. How much will this cost taxpayers?

Don’t get me wrong — I agree that French should be the language of choice, and residents should always be able to be served in French throughout the province. I also applaud efforts to preserve the language and culture, and can attest to the success of many programs. But these need to be applied with a measure of common sense, which simply cannot be legislated.

How about spending some time on revising the outdated school tax system and increasing funding instead?

The photos below, including the one of the flag at the top of the article, are of the primary school in my neighbourhood. No words — in either official language — are necessary to see the state of affairs. Note that the Quebec flags flying at the government run liquor stores and casinos are in pristine shape.

Bonjour, Mr. Couillard. Are you listening?

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