Failing to maintain GDPR compliance can land your business with severe penalties. But security breaches can happen to even the most cautious businesses. Nowadays it seems only a matter of time. Is punishment therefore inevitable?

Fortunately, your business can stay on the right side of the law even if you suffer an attack.

GDPR legally requires that you implement security measures that are appropriate to the risks presented by the data you’re processing. This means you can avoid fines so long as you put measures in place and can demonstrate that you’ve made them. …

You look through your new emails and spot something with a severe warning in the subject. The content makes some worrying claims. They hacked into your webcam and filmed you watching porn. They also have your email contacts, and are threatening to send the footage to each one of them. Just to make the message even more convincing, they seem to know one of your passwords. Of course, you can spare yourself the humiliation by making a small payment in bitcoins.

And you only have twenty four hours to comply, or else.

This is the usual premise behind Sextortion emails…

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Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks have increased by almost 500% over the previous year. They are the most common cyber threat to businesses today, and can result in losses to finances and reputation.

BECs are social engineering attacks made against employees of a business. The criminal attempts to impersonate a contact of the employee, whether that be a higher up in the business or an external supplier. Unlike regular phishing, where a criminal may send out many emails, BEC attacks tend to focus on one employee, who is groomed into trusting the attacker.

Once the victim has been deceived the…

HTTPS has become necessary to ensure a website’s success. If you are looking to make the switch yourself, then you should consider what type of SSL certificate is right for your website.

SSL certificates come in different varieties, each designed to suit the needs of certain businesses. You need to understand what sort of features your website needs to get the best results.

When deciding on which certificate to buy, you should consider the following:

  1. What information do you gather from your users? Are your users required to create a password to access an account? How much personal information are…
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HTTPS is quickly becoming a minimum requirement for having a successful business online. Google Chrome and other browsers have begun flagging websites that have not made the transition. Therefore it is better to make the switch over sooner rather than later. To avoid getting a headache or damaging your business’s presence online it is important that your HTTPS certificate is installed properly.

There are many issues that can arise during the transition. We are to offer you some advice to keep in mind when making the switch to HTTPS.

Get the Right Certificate

Selecting the right SSL certificate for your website is the first…

As the holiday season fast approaches you will be on a race to do all your shopping in time. Online shopping makes the hassle of getting prepared for Christmas easier than ever before. No more shifting through shelves or waiting in queues. Now you can shop in the comfort of your own home. However, this comes at risk because the rising trend of cyber crime. Over the past years there has been a 45% increase of reported shopping fraud(1).

The huge number of shoppers, combined with Black Friday and Cyber Monday rushes, provide cyber criminals the perfect chance to set…

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