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Dutch Hacking Health 2019

In the field of healthcare, Dutch Hacking Health is the largest hackathon event in the Netherlands. It brings healthcare professionals, researchers, patients, developers and data scientists together to try and solve some of the most pressing healthcare related issues the industry currently faces.

For the past three years, Finaps has sent a team of engineers to the University Medical Centre in Utrecht (UMCU) to help come up with a technology-based solution to one of the issues that medical professionals at the hospital have highlighted.

Last year, Finaps brought home the Best Data Driven award for a patient data visualisation tool — “Ur Smart Status” — which aimed to improve the way medical professionals interpret patient data. Since then, Ur Smart Status has entered into its second phase of development backed by Finaps and the Applied Data Analytics in Medicine’ (ADAM) project at the UMCU. …

James Rowbotham

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