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Buzzwords, trends and fads come and go as quick as anything, and they occur in all areas of life. Even within the field of data science and AI, as new tools emerge and are hailed as the ‘next thing’. But there is a new buzzword, picking up momentum, that is really so much more. Something that will most likely cause a paradigm shift and change the process of how we do our work. Ethical AI.

Now there is some ambiguity in the definition of what Ethical AI actually is, but for me, the best description I’ve found is surmised by…

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I want you to think back to the last time you were talking with someone in person. You’re talking about many things. The weather, the results from a sports event, the latest political scandal. Now think…what were you paying attention to understand what that person was saying to you?

There were probably 4 main things.

1. Physical gestures — the expressions on their face and the gestures that they make with their hand as they explain some extravagant story they’ve been through.

2. Inflections how they say the words they are saying. Are they raising their voice to show…

Dr J Strudwick

Data Scientist at IBM Garage’s Cloud Pak Acceleration Team

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