Develop inside a Docker container

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Dependency hell is the curse of all software developers trying to get the right toolchain installed. In this post I’ll show how to set up a clean environment using the remote container feature of Visual Studio Code, including Python and C++ development tools.

If you haven’t already done so install VS Code from the official site (I’ll assume some basic familiarity in this post). I’m mainly using it for Python development — if you are too I’d recommend having a look at the tutorial for the Python extension as well. …

Exploring an idealised model with a Python simulation

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Oscillators are a ubiquitous feature of man-made and natural systems. The word usually applies to electronic circuits that produce repetitive voltage signals, but the same characteristics appear everywhere: musical instruments, neurons, robots, chemical reactions and animal populations, to name a few.

This post will work through a simple model of an oscillator inspired by the pendulum clock, including code snippets to show how the model can be simulated in Python. I’ve uploaded the complete code for generating the images in this post to github.

The first feature of an oscillator is that is rotates or cycles (so that you get…

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