Human Resources Isn’t About Humans
Karen Wickre

Thanks for your writing on this very important topic.

I Agree with Chewtoy that “the ombudsman adds another layer to the problem” and also believe an external HR source could be highly effective. Makes me think of the impact that UX consultancies have on archaic organizations — change is generally received better when from an external source.

That said, both are missing an important point — there is a growing need to decentralize incentive of HR out to the employee base. How do we take the role of an ombudsman and embed that into an organizations values and culture? I like the idea of HR training across the company, but much of these resources fall short when the moment of conflict arises. If a type of training were to take place, psychological safety + inclusion training around specific moments throughout the day might get closer to that moment.

It all comes down to what motivates the individual — efficiency or human value? I believe we have all been on both sides of the fence at some point during the work week. As employees and leaders, how do we materialize our organizational values so they have context inside and outside of the doors of the institutions we work at?