This is Not My Republican Party
Steve Skeldon

To quote: Both sides of the aisle have similar goals for America. We want to see our nation thrive domestically and in today’s global economy.

Really? For my entire lifetime the GOP has acted as if the Democrats want nothing more than to destroy the United States. The GOP have called Democrats “communists” and “socialists.” After 9–11 they took to saying that Democrats were in bed with the terrorists.

I find the communist and socialist accusation particularly funny considering that I have met very few Republicans who can accurately define those terms. Your party can’t even figure out that there is a wide gulf between communism and socialism and that there is an equally wide gulf between socialists and what the Democrats are. Your party calls Bernie Sanders a socialist and he isn’t..he’s a democratic socialist and there is quite a bit of difference there too.

To quote: We don’t care what color you are, what you call yourself, or who you worship. If you’re willing to work hard and uphold the values of personal responsibility and liberty, you are welcome to share in our vision of the future.

Really? Because your party has spent 6 decades caring very much what color of skin someone was. Your party has spent the last 15 years caring very much about who someone worhips. As for working hard…yeah your party screws over those who work hard and rewards those who don’t. How else do you explain your party encouraging this massive income/wealth gap between average Americans and the top few? It’s not like you can argue that the top few have done enough work to deserve that much of the pie with any sort of honesty. And every red state, except Utah, sucks down more federal tax dollars than they pay in taxes while the Democrat states subsidize them.

As for liberty…yeah your party only cares about liberty when its convenient. If a woman wants to have the liberty to have an abortion your party opposes it. If a gay couple wants to have the liberty to get married..your party opposes it. If a gay couple wants to adopt a child your party opposes it. Your party had no problem in violating the religious freedom of houses of worship who had no problem with gay marriage when your party passed those gay marriage bans. If I want to have the liberty to be able to go somewhere without having to worry about some person with an overpowerful gun fetish carrying an Ak-47 or the like openly then my liberty doesn’t mean a damn. As if the streets of America should resemble Mogadishu.

To quote: The Republican Party we need to rebuild stands for limited and efficient government

Define limited government please. Does that mean the government shouldn’t act to protect the people from the rapaciousness of the free market? Yeah I know..the GOP just loves the free market..but the free market is an unfeeling amoral it. It is neither good nor evil. There are things that it does well..and there are things it does piss poorly. *points to health care and Martin Shrekli* That would be an example of the latter.

Now I’m not saying the government should do everything. But its time the GOP realize that the government does need to handle some things and act as the role of watchdog to prevent capitalism and the free market from running roughshod.

And I would suggest that the GOP stop considering their three best Presidents to have been Lincoln, Roosevelt and Reagan.

The three best Republican Presidents were Lincoln, Roosevelt and Eisenhower. I say Eisenhower because he recognized the dangers of the positions that the GOP has been taking ever since nixon with regards to racial inequality, economic inequality and the danger of a too powerful and too entrenched military industrial complex.

And lets remember that Roosevelt had no problem with taking on the banks and the moneyed interests.

To quote: The Republican Party I know and belong to is not hateful and brutal. 
We do not endorse war crimes

So..where was that position, Mr. Skeldon, when George W Bush, Dick Cheney and their administration were endorsing and authorizing the war crime of torture?

The reason I ask is to point out that the GOP has been brutal and endorsing war crimes a bit longer than just this presidential election season.