Have you ever played a survival adventure NFT chain game? Genesis Island brings you a new game experience, now complete the mission and have a chance to earn tokens and USD rewards.

Free airdrop tokens are sent. In order to stimulate everyone’s enthusiasm to build a harmonious ecological community, the following activities are now launched:

Repost our activities in the circle of friends to get free tokens, which can be used to open blind boxes and upgrade equipment.

Successfully invited 1 person to open blind boxes to get 1,000 tokens.

Successfully invited 5 person to open blind boxes to get 5,000 tokens.

Successfully invited 10 person to open blind boxes to get 10,000 tokens. The more you invite, the more you get.

Send this activity to 5 community groups (except this)to get 500 tokens.

send this activity to 10 community groups (except this)to get 1000 tokens. The more groups you share, the more tokens you get.

Official Website:https://genesisisland.org/

Follow us on Twitter, https://twitter.com/wscp12?s=09, comment on “play to earn” and forward it. Those who meet the above 2 conditions can get airdrop tokens.

Contact the telegram admin: @yyyy512 with screenshots, and leave your own BSC chain receiving address, waiting for our airdrop gifts!!!




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