LED Channels To Finish Off Your Phillips Hue LightStrip Plus

Wired4Signs USA, LLC based in Knoxville, Tennessee we specialize in LED aluminum channels and diffusers for housing LED Strip lighting. Many of our clients have requested solutions for housing Phillips Hue Strip which is not an issue for us, however, here are some factors to consider before choosing your LED Profile. See our Profile Selector (here)

  1. Achieving a homogenous appearance (no visible LED dots)

Unfortunately, the led spacing plays a big part in reaching and homogenous finish when using the led strip. This makes it a challenge to achieve this effect with the Phillips Hue Strip as the LEDs on the PCB are spaced very far apart. Therefore the only real way to achieve this is to choose the deepest possible profile and use an opal (milky white ) diffuser. The profile in the picture is our SLW15 Profile (see here) but even here, although the LED dots are not visible, there is not a continuous finish as the spacing of the led clusters are more than an inch apart. We have some very good results though with our bulkier profile like the PL55 (see here) but not all applications allow this size profile. The other alternative is to scrap the Phillips strip itself and user one of our premium grade (Made in Europe ) led strip. We have a dedicated site for this strip and our sales guys will gladly assist:-(see here )

2. Some of the common applications for using our LED profiles

  • Undercounter Lighting
  • LED Stair Treads
  • Build your own Pendant light fixture
  • Illuminated Closet hander rod
  • Under Bed Lighting
  • LED Strip around vanity mirrors
  • Flush mounted ceiling lights

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